Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Wash and Condition Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

by Robin Lovekisses99
"Wig care can be a task, but it can be easy if you know a few key points."  

Shampooing and  Conditioning:  
What you wash your units with is as important as how you wash them.  Washing the unit applied can be a little tricky.  Excessive water and moisture can cause the bond to slip.  It's best to wash your unit on a mannequin head.  Here's howAdhere the unit to the mannequin head using T-pins. The T pins will keep the unit in place while you wash and condition it.  Be sure to detangle the unit, working from the ends to the roots. Start at the ends first and work your way up.  Detangling this way will minimize the amount of strands lost, and makes detangling an easy process. Once the unit is detangled, it's time to wash and condition the unit.  There are lots of products on the market that will help keep your wig in great condition.  Many products are designed  particularly for Indian Remy Hair.  Most often, the same products used for  your own hair can be used to wash and condition your human hair units.  A few pointers when looking for just the right products:  If the unit is curly remy hair, use products for curly human hair.  If the unit is straight hair, you can use the same products that you would use for straight human hair.

Washing and conditioning:
Never use extremely hot water because it can cause the unit to dry out prematurely.  Always use either cool or lukewarm water.  Use a soft stream of water.  Wet the wig first.  To apply the shampoo, you can use a spray bottle with ½ shampoo and half water.  Spray the shampoo mixture onto the wet hair.  Don't rub briskly or scrub the hair.  Smooth the shampoo onto the unit from  roots to ends. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water. Repeat.  Conditioner can be applied in the same manner.  Be sure to rinse all of the product out of the hair.  Left over product can weigh the hair down.  Once the unit is washed and conditioned, it can be air-dried right on the mannequin head.

Knot Sealing:Once the unit is completely dry, the next step is imperative to reduce the chance of premature shedding.  Knot sealer can be purchased on line or even at your local beauty supply store.  The purpose of the knot sealer is to re-seal the hair into the base of the unit where the hairs are knotted into the base.

Turn the unit inside out. Be sure none of the hair is exposed. Spray the knot sealer on the inside of the unit and let it either air dry or use a blow dryer on the cool or warm setting.  Be sure the knot sealer is completely dry before applying the unit.
The unit can now be styled either still on the mannequin head, or applied.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Give A Synthetic Lace Front Wig A More Natural Appearance

by April Muffin Is My Lovers
Wigs have become the new trend, wearing a wig is more like an accessory, such as shoes and jewelry. The newest wig craze is lace front wigs or full lace wigs which give a more realistic appearance if you wear them correctly. Lace front wigs and full lace wigs can range in price starting any where from $30 and up. The most affordable lace wigs are the synthetic front lace wigs, which are made of synthetic fibers and a transparent lace material that is sewn on the  front portion of the wig giving a scalp appearance. Synthetic lace front wigs can come with combs adhered to them making it possible to wear without applying any glue or tape adhesive.
When wearing a synthetic lace front wig there are certain steps you need to take in order for the wig to appear more natural looking. Synthetic lace front wigs are mass production wigs, which means they come in a standard size medium cap, as well as the hairlines are typically made the same, a more rounded shape hairline. Some synthetic lace front wigs can appear more dense at the hairline giving you a false hairline appearance. With these type of wigs you must tweak them, make them look as if they are you own natural growing hair despite the fact that they are made of synthetic fibers.
During my time and trial experiences with synthetic lace front wigs, I have come to find there are certain tricks to wearing them. For one it is always best to find a color that is suitable for you, a more natural and realistic color. As well wearing a synthetic lace front wig you will need certain items to achieve that perfect flawless look. Making sure you have a wig cap close to your skin complexion is a must have, this gives the appearance of your scalp once the synthetic lace front wig is applied. I also suggest having on hand a few good bobby pins, a tooth brush, gel or a good holding spray.

As I stated these wigs are made as mass production so the hairlines are not the best. To give them a more realistic look I suggest resting the synthetic lace front on your hairline once you have placed your wig or stocking cap on. Once you have placed the wig on your hairline slide the wig about 1/8 back, allowing some of  your own natural hairline to show. Once you have taken this step take a small comb with a pointed end (rat tail comb) and pull a small portion of your own hair out which helps camouflage the rounded hairline of your wig as well as it also makes it appear more natural. Our own hairlines are not as dense and rounded as these synthetic lace front wigs, so we must tweak them in order for them to work.

Using gel, or holding spray will help your own hair lay against the lace wig threw out the day. You do not need to apply a lot of gel or holding spray to your own hair or edges, using a good clean tooth brush that is only used for your hair is a good way to lay your own hair down against the lace. A tooth brush is a more sensible size brush for the small amount of hair you have taken out.

Synthetic lace front wigs do not require adhesives, as there are those who do prefer to use adhesives on they're synthetic lace fronts it is not necessary because they do come with combs sewn in front by your temples as well as the nape area, along with an adjustable strap that you will find on most regular wigs, which helps in giving the wig a more snug fit.
Synthetic Lace front wigs are available at your local beauty supply stores as well as on line. Many online sites such as Elevate carries a wide variety of synthetic lace front wigs. Though these wigs are made of synthetic fibers and a rounded hairline there is always a way to make them look as if it is your own hair. With good practice you will be on your way in no time rocking your synthetic lace front. 

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