Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What is difference between Virgin Hair and Remy Hair?

Bobbi Boss 100% Pure Remi Human Hair Lace Front MHLF-F Beshe 100% Singapore Virgin Remi Human Hair Wig HSR- Hitomi
  • There are several types of wigs available like the human hair wigs and the synthetic hair wigs. In general human hair wigs are made by hand while the synthetic wigs are machine made. However there is more to human hairs wigs that you may know.
  • There is the premium human hair wigs, which as the name suggests tend to be more expensive. This is the Remy Hair Wig.
  • However Remy hair is often referred to as Virgin hair which at times creates a lot of confusion as to whether they are the same or is there some difference. The simple answer to this question is that Remy human hair and Virgin human hair are not the same.
  • However this answer is likely to generate another question and that is “What is the difference Remy and Virgin Hair?” The answer to this question is slightly more complicated and hence you will need to read this article to the end to understand that.

Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is the human hair that has never been processed and in fact is intact. There standards are pretty high to quality to be virgin hair. However in general it is safe to say that the human hair is virgin hair if it passed the rules stated here:
  • The human hair has never been permed.
  • Dye has never been applied to the hair.
  • No color of any kind has been applied to the hair.
  • The hair has never been bleached.
  • The hair has not undergone any chemical process.
  • The hair is from a single donor.
  • All the cuticles of the hair are intact and running in the same direction.
  • The hair has not been blow dried.
  • The hair has never been exposed to harsh environments (this includes smoke, drugs, etc).

Remy Hair

  • Remy human hairs wigs at of high quality grade. The Remy hair wigs will have all the hair strands in the same direction and also be of the same length. This ensures that they are of high quality and more or less tangle free. Remy hair are also chemically treated (dyed).
  • The description may similar to that of the Virgin Human hair and you are right to some extent. Because the fact is that a Remy Hair Wig is made from Virgin Human hair however it is processed to some extent while Virgin hair is not at all processed.
  • Remy hair is processed to a very small extent and that is the reason they are softer, silkier, more beautiful and tangle free as compared to normal human hair. Remy hair may also be permed however they will always retain the cuticle.

The finer details:

  • Virgin hair doesn’t necessarily have to be from any specific place or country. That said there most popular countries for Virgin hair are India, Malaysia, Russia. There are several others sources though like the other European and Asian countries.
  • Virgin hair is often used to make high quality lace front wigs, closure pieces and even hair extensions. Among the celebrities who do use Virgin hair comes Beyonce.
  • Since Remy hair wigs are essentially use Virgin hair, what is true for Virgin hair in terms of the sources is also true for Remy hair. Some of the celebrities that are known to use Remy hair wigs include Rihanna and Megan Fox.

Elevates Styles gives you the correct guidance:

  • Elevate Styles is an e-commerce website that allows you to buy a wig of your choice. However since there are many to choose from it can get confusing at times.
  • There is a subtle difference between Remy hair wigs and Virgin hair wigs which you know all too well by now.
  • However to clarify details about the wigs so that you know what is right for you it is possible either browse through the numerous products available online or contact Elevate Styles for assistance via he customer Form available online.

Monday, January 19, 2015

What is Wig Shedding and how to prevent it?

Anytime Synthetic Lace Front Wig ILS-547 Beshe Synthetic Front Lace Wig LW-STACY

Wig wearers sometimes have an issue of “Wig Shedding” with their wig. Though this is not very common and is usually as a result of not caring for the wig in an appropriate manner. There are a few preventive measures that you can take to avoid Wig Shedding.
The main causes for Wig Shedding are as listed here:
  • Combing a wig which is still wet after washing (lace wig).
  • Combing a wig roughly rather than with care or smoothly.
  • Combing the wig from root to tip rather than doing it tip to root.
  • Applying extremely oily or greasy hair care products to the hair.
  • Not correctly preparing a wig for a wash (washing wig with adhesives).
  • Washing the wig with extremely hot water.

How to stop wig from shedding?

Wig shedding can be avoided by caring for the human hair wigs or the synthetic one in an appropriate manner. But at times while caring for Synthetic wigs or the human hair ones it is possible that you do make some mistakes that cause some shedding.
Hence here is a list of things you can do to stop the wig shedding. It may even help you in preventing it in the first place.
  • It is a good idea to use a product called “Knot Sealer”. This is a small spray bottle that can be used to seal the knots on a lace wig for example.
  • This spray should ideally be applied to the mesh or lace by turning the wig inside out. However make sure the wig is dry before wearing it. In addition to it is usually a good idea to reseal the knots after every wash.
  • Some of us have a habit of scratching our heads and others do it due to some irritation on the scalp. It is likely that the scalp is dry or requires a quick treatment. However scratching you scalp is bad for the wig and it will cause it to shed.
  • Hence it is a good idea to avoid scratching your head while wearing a wig. At the same time in it is possible to treat the dry scalp with a special shampoo and moisturizer. Tapping your head instead of itching when the urge arises may help too.
  • Care should be taken when combing you hair and it should always be from tip to root. It should always be done with extreme care and never on wet hair.
  • Besides which it is necessary to take extra care around the knots, making sure you do not pull the knots. Ideally it is a good idea to make use of a wide tooth comb or a wig brush like a cushion brush to comb a wig.
  • There are many hair care products available in the market however it is best to play it safe and not go testing every new product that pops up. In general care products that have high Alcohol content should always be avoided.
  • This includes either Spritz, Hair Spray or Shampoo. Such products are known to be bad for the hair and cause breakage as well besides shedding.
  • A wig can be worn in many ways and hence some make use of adhesives to wear the wig too.
  • Though it is perfectly fine to do so, it is also necessary to completely remove the adhesives from the hair prior to washing it. In fact failing to do so can even damage your wig and cause shedding.
  • Excessive heat causes damage the wig hair and cause shedding. Hence it is a good idea not to blow dry the hair with a high setting since otherwise the knots may be damaged or split. If you do need to blow dry your hair after a wash do it on a low heat setting.
  • Sleeping with a wig like you do with your natural hair can be a mistake. Friction can cause breakage and even shedding. Hence it is a good idea to braid up the hair prior to sleeping.
  • This will also prevent the wig hair from tangling. In fact it is best to gently comb the hair and wrap it in a scarf prior to sleeping. Making use of a silk scarf is more beneficial.

Elevate Styles can help you with your wigs:

  • Elevate Styles is an online e-commerce store that has a very large collection of wigs from many different brands and of many different types.
  • They are all of good quality however at the end of the day do require the right care. That said, some wigs require low maintenance and some higher.
  • ElevateStyles.com can help you pick the one that is right for you. In fact if you do not find your desired wig or require a customized one there is a special section for that where you can request exactly that.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Choosing the wig with the right color for yourself

Beshe Human Hair Wig Kiki Beshe Synthetic Simple Cap Wig Barbie

  • More of us wear wigs these days since it is more affordable and there are many different styles and types to choose from. However the fact that there many different types can prove confusing for many.
  • There are many types of people wearing wigs; There are those in two minds about whether to opt for one or not and simply browsing catalogues. Then there are the first time buyers all prepared to buy their first wig. Even the more experienced wig buyers can find it hard to pick a wig without the proper knowledge.
  • There are many reasons why people wear wigs, either due to baldness, a medical conditions, simply new fashion, and those who a in search for a quick new look. Whatever the reason you are bound to find the perfect wig to suit your requirements if you have the right information or follow the right guidelines.
  • That is exactly what this article is all about; It is mean to help you make your selection.

What to consider?

  • There are several factors to take into consideration when you are out hunting the perfect wig.
  • It is best to start with the Hair Style which include deciding on the size of the wig; long, short etc. Then there is the texture and the hair style itself.
  • Once you have decided on the hair style options the major tasks are over. What remains to select are several minor options depending on your preference.
  • These options range the head size, hair type and lasts comes the wig hair color. It is best to keep the selection of the color to the end.

The optimal wig color:

  • It is believed that the tone of your skin influences the color choice. In general there is either warm or cool coloring.
  • You decision can be based on your skin tone, eye color and the color of your natural hair. It is easy to detect the tone of your natural hair.
  • Simply look at your hair in the sunlight; if there is a glimmer of red, orange or yellow it means that the color is warm; while if there is either a blue, green or purple tone it suggest that the color is cool.
  • The characteristics of the warm color category people include those who prefer gold jewellery and have a golden, olive or dark skin. Their eye color is usually golden brown, green, turquoise, green-blue or hazel.
  • The people who do fall in the warm color category should ideally for the dark browns, chestnuts, rich auburns and golden browns with gold or red highlights. At the same time jet black hair color should be avoided.
  • The cool color category of people are more suited to silver jewellery. These people usually have fair skin and blue or green eyes. Their natural hair color can be blue-black, coffee brown, ash brown or white blonde.
  • Such people should ideally choose black, brown, brown color and wheat, taupe, ash or honey tones. The colors to avoid would be yellow and golden ones.

Can you dye a wig?

There are many of us who like to dye our wigs and the good thing is they can be dyed. It is possible to color lace front wigs as it is possible to color human hair wigs as well. In fact it is possible to color synthetic hair as well.The process is not very hard as it is briefly described here:
  • Mix the dye in a non-metal bowl.
  • Use a nylon brush to apply the dye to the wig hair.
  • Also use rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  • A wide comb comes in handy while applying the dye.
  • To start with you will need to wash the wig 48 hours prior to the dying process.
  • Also make sure that the wig is completely dry before starting.
  • The process starts by placing the wig on a stand.
  • Apply the dye to every individual strand carefully. At times it is easier to divide the entire wig into sections to make it easier.
  • Allow the wig to stand for 20 – 25 minutes.
  • Wash the wig from top to bottom and use some shampoo as well later.
  • The wig needs to be dried completely prior to using it.
In case you are wondering how to dye a lace wig, the process is more or less similar. However it is important to note that the full lace wig or lace front wigs can be dyed only once with your color of choice. Once done it may not be possible to change the color.

Elevate Styles:

  • ElevateStyles.com is an ecommerce website that sells wigs. But it is much more than just a simple store. They understand what their customer want and their requirements and thus have a very rich collection of wigs.
  • In addition to that if you still do to find what you are looking for simply post an inquiry via the special section provided and request the wig of your choice with the detailed requirements.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The common myths about wigs

Beshe Synthetic Wig Tiara 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H-The
  • Wigs have become more affordable now and that is one of the reasons more number of people are wearing wigs. There are many reasons why people opt for wigs, it may be out of necessity, a medical condition, due to baldness, dress for the occasion, try out a new look, change of look or simply new fashion.
  • Whatever the reason be, you are sure to find the right wig for the right occasion. There are now many types and styles of wigs available hence there is plenty to choose from.
  • All said and done there are a few of us who hesitate in buying that first wig. One of main reason being the common myths surrounding Wigs. Here are few common myths you should be aware off.

Wigs cause itchiness:

  • Some bad rumors about wigs causing itchiness and that wigs are uncomfortable, and wigs are hot, have been floating around to which there is no truth at all.
  • There are several brands of wigs available in the stores and they are usually either human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. These wigs are made to a set standard and hence they will never be uncomfortable to wear or cause itchiness.
  • However there few who do have a sensitive scalp which can be an issue when wearing a wig directly. However it is generally advised to wear a wig cap if you have a sensitive scalp to avoid an issues.

Wigs damage the scalp:

Wig are perfectly safe to wear and there is no reason to believe otherwise. There are several false claims that wigs decrease hair growth, wigs damage the scalp and that they also slow down natural hair growth. But that is what they are “false claims’. There is no truth to such claims since wigs can cause you no harm and are perfectly safe to wear.

Human hair wigs are better:

  • Human hair wigs are made from human hair as the name suggests and hence the quality of such wigs tends to be a lot better than the other type of wigs available (synthetic).
  • The human hair wigs tend to be hand made from human hair with a lot of care. Such wigs have several properties of the natural human hair including the fact that they are stronger.
  • Although Synthetic wigs usually cannot bare high temperatures due to which there are styling limitations there also several advantages opting for a Synthetic one.
  • The Synthetic wigs are all machine made in a batch and hence a usually cheaper. They do not demand a lot of maintenance and are available in several styles. These are wigs that can usually be worn straight out the box and hence are usually a big time saver.
  • Thus at the end of the day individual preferences and choice dictate which one is the right better wig you.

The other common myths and beliefs:

Besides the few popular myths discussed above there are several other myths and beliefs that you need to be aware off and not let them affect your decision to buy a wig. Here are a few myths that do not hold water:
  • Wig can never have the movement of natural hair.
  • Wigs often tend to fall off.
  • Wigs are easily damaged.
  • Wig create extra bulk on the head
  • No styling tools can be used on a wig
  • When it comes to the cost, Wigs aren’t worth the money.
  • A wig will always look fake.


  • Thus in general it is safe to say that wig can cause you no harm and neither do they damage your scalp. There are a good alternative to your natural hair if and when the need arises and are a boon if you loosing hair or have a medical conditions.
  • There are several ecommerce websites that provide wigs now and hence it becomes even easier to buy one. Since it is online you can browser the endless catalogues from the comfort of your home or office and do it at a time that suits you.
  • There will be no irritating sales man to pester you either. Besides which you can make use of the several tools available on the internet and test several style on a photo of yourself. This can help you decide on which wig to buy.
  • Elevate Styles is one such ecommerce website that helps you get the right wig. You have several wigs to choose from on the website and the best part is that if you cannot find what you are looking for or require a customised wig there is a special section to do that.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The questions I should ask myself before buying wigs

Its a Cap Weave 100% Remi Human Hair Wig HH Remi Sprite Its a Wig 100% Human Hair Wig Brianna
  • Wigs are more popular than ever now that they are more affordable. One things has changed over the years and that is the reason why people wear wigs.
  • The people opting for a wig these days include those wanting to conceal hair loss, those having a medical condition, those who want to change their hairstyle all together and even those who what a quick new look.
  • The young and busy working women are also known to make use of wigs, besides which celebrities also use wigs for several reasons.
  • Thus considering the large user base many people are likely to have several questions as to how to go about buying a wig.
  • Hence this article has been specially designed to make it easier for all Wig users, the first time buyers as well as the experienced wig users. It gives a good idea on how to buy a wig and help you decide the best wig to wear.
Select your style
  • Once you have made the decision on buying a wig it is a good idea to first stop and give some thought style of the wig. This really depends on your reason for option for a wig.
  • If it is a new look you prefer then you need to look for something new (in terms of style); however if it is for other reasons and you prefer to continue with the current style then you have a smaller list of styles to select from.
  • In general it is a good idea to start with the size of the hair. Some like it short others like it medium and some like it long. Although once you have selected the correct size you have narrowed down the number of wigs to select from.
  • The other feature that can narrow down the list of wigs is the texture of the hair. On the top of the list are either are straight or curly (wavy). Thus now that you have the correct size and the texture you are ready to select the hair style of the wig.
  • The wig style depends a great deal on the size and the texture and can be either like bobs, boycuts, layered, with or without bangs, lace front wigs, braiding hair wigs, etc. It is a good idea to take a quick glance at the shape of your face too. The shape of your face can be either oval, round, pear shaped, etc. Not all hair styles suit all face shapes.
Measure you head
  • Since all of are born different we also have different head sizes. That said there is a size that fits most (the average size). The average size is 21.5 to 22.5 inches. But it is possible that your size is either above average or below.
  • To be on the safe size it is a good idea to measure you head prior to buying a wig so that you get the right size. It is easy to measure.
  • All you need to is to measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear to the nape of your neck, to the other ear and then back to the front hairline, being your ear to nape of your neck, to the other side ear and back again to the front hairline.
Will it be Human hair or Synthetic?
  • The two basic hair types are Human and Synthetic. If you want to be as close to the real things as possible then human hair wigs are likely to be more natural looking that the other.
  • Human hair are more versatile and durable besides which they can sustain high temperature which means you can use your hair styling tools. But the Synthetic hair wigs cannot sustain high temperatures hence it means no styling tools and a limited styling options.
  • However the synthetic wigs demand lesser maintenance and are also more affordable.
  • You do have the option of choosing from the premium wigs too, like premium human hair wigs called the Remy hair wigs and the premium Synthetic wigs which can take upto 350 degrees of heat. However the premium Synthetic wigs are less durable.
Pick your color
  • Finally you need to pick the color right for yourself and checkout with your favourite wig.
  • There are plenty of color options and it can even get confusing at times when you are open to any color. However there are several tools available on the internet to help you select the color.
Elevate Styles makes it easier
  • When it comes to buying wigs, you can buy wigs online. Elevate Style is an online e-commerce website that has a comprehensive range of wigs. This means you are always going to get more number of options when choosing. Thus now you even know where to buy wigs from.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Which type of wig is best for me?

Anytime Synthetic Lace Front Wig ILS-547Beshe Lady Lace Deep Part Lace Synthetic Wig LLDP-113

Although it is easy to buy a wig it is possible that an inexperienced buyer or a newbie in the world of wigs may get confused when selecting the perfect wig for themselves.
  • At times even the experienced wig wears take time selecting one since there are many more options in the market these days.
  • It is almost 2015 and wigs continue to gain popularity as more number of people are wearing wigs. This is especially true since women have a great many more options now that the wigs are more affordable.
  • The reasons for wearing a wig is still quite diverse though, for example many people use wigs due to a medical condition, for some a wig makes them feel more confident and happy and boosts their appearance.
  • While there are also those who want a new look and opting for a fancy style wig is a quick way of doing that.

Choosing the right wig:

Hence the some common questions that might plague you are how to choose a wig? or how to know what kind of hairstyle suits you? or what is the best type of wig to buy? But you can breathe easy because this article is all about this topic and will help you answer your question – how to select a wig?
Here a few important point that will make it easier for you to decide which wig is better for yourself.
  • There are two main types of wigs, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The human hair wigs are more natural looking and have all the characteristics of natural hair as well.
  • The synthetic hair usually cannot tolerate a lot of heat and hence cannot be styled using any tool like a curling iron, etc. This limits the number of style, besides which they are less durable.
  • Synthetic wigs are less natural in appearance and less durable, although they are also less expensive and demand less maintenance. They are also quick to wear and many times pre-styled and with a little effort the shine can be removed to make them look closer to the real thing.
  • But then there is also the premium wigs from you to choose from. The premium human hair wigs called the Remy Human Hair wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs in the market. These are highly durable since they are very strong, with all the hair cuticles in a uniform direction. This means less tangles as well.
  • There is also the premium Synthetic wigs which are heat friendly. There is a limitation on the heat though, these kinds of wigs can take up to to 350 degrees Centigrade of heat. Hence with this type of synthetic wigs there are more options. However they are less durable than the normal synthetic wigs.
  • If you have a highly sensitive scalp it is a good idea to buy a wig that contains a wig cap. However it is also possible to purchase an additional cap for those that don’t have one.
  • Then there is also the length, style and color of the wigs that you need to decide on. It is often found that the bald women opt for the shorter length wigs though it is not restricted to them. In general you will have the option of selecting either a short hair wig, a medium one or a long hair wig. Although it is necessary to keep in mind that the longer the wig gets the harder it is to maintain with the tangles and everything.
  • The length you select will dictate the number of styles you have available. Again you need to select wisely since different hair styles suit different faces depending on their shape. Thus wig styles for oval face are different from the wig for round face.
  • There are several colors available when it comes to wigs. However different brands have different color options.
  • Everything can be customized though. When it comes to the length, style and color you can always have your own way, but that would take some work. A hair stylist would be best suited to transform your wig considering the complexity of the task.
  • Most of us are usually the average size (head size) which is 21.5 to 22.5 inches. But not everyone is the same hence it is a good idea to check your size and be prepared in case you are either over size or under size.

Elevate Styles makes it easier

  • Elevates Styles is a ecommerce store that has a great number of wigs for you to choose from. Buying online means you can browse through the many wigs available online at your leisure and make your selection.
  • There is even online support available to help find your wig or order a customized one.
  • Elevates Styles often has clearance sales too where you can get a good deal. Besides which there are also several sections like the ‘Top 20 Best Sellers’ , ‘Recently Reduced’, and ‘Daily Deal’ to help you choose better.