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The common myths about wigs

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  • Wigs have become more affordable now and that is one of the reasons more number of people are wearing wigs. There are many reasons why people opt for wigs, it may be out of necessity, a medical condition, due to baldness, dress for the occasion, try out a new look, change of look or simply new fashion.
  • Whatever the reason be, you are sure to find the right wig for the right occasion. There are now many types and styles of wigs available hence there is plenty to choose from.
  • All said and done there are a few of us who hesitate in buying that first wig. One of main reason being the common myths surrounding Wigs. Here are few common myths you should be aware off.

Wigs cause itchiness:

  • Some bad rumors about wigs causing itchiness and that wigs are uncomfortable, and wigs are hot, have been floating around to which there is no truth at all.
  • There are several brands of wigs available in the stores and they are usually either human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. These wigs are made to a set standard and hence they will never be uncomfortable to wear or cause itchiness.
  • However there few who do have a sensitive scalp which can be an issue when wearing a wig directly. However it is generally advised to wear a wig cap if you have a sensitive scalp to avoid an issues.

Wigs damage the scalp:

Wig are perfectly safe to wear and there is no reason to believe otherwise. There are several false claims that wigs decrease hair growth, wigs damage the scalp and that they also slow down natural hair growth. But that is what they are “false claims’. There is no truth to such claims since wigs can cause you no harm and are perfectly safe to wear.

Human hair wigs are better:

  • Human hair wigs are made from human hair as the name suggests and hence the quality of such wigs tends to be a lot better than the other type of wigs available (synthetic).
  • The human hair wigs tend to be hand made from human hair with a lot of care. Such wigs have several properties of the natural human hair including the fact that they are stronger.
  • Although Synthetic wigs usually cannot bare high temperatures due to which there are styling limitations there also several advantages opting for a Synthetic one.
  • The Synthetic wigs are all machine made in a batch and hence a usually cheaper. They do not demand a lot of maintenance and are available in several styles. These are wigs that can usually be worn straight out the box and hence are usually a big time saver.
  • Thus at the end of the day individual preferences and choice dictate which one is the right better wig you.

The other common myths and beliefs:

Besides the few popular myths discussed above there are several other myths and beliefs that you need to be aware off and not let them affect your decision to buy a wig. Here are a few myths that do not hold water:
  • Wig can never have the movement of natural hair.
  • Wigs often tend to fall off.
  • Wigs are easily damaged.
  • Wig create extra bulk on the head
  • No styling tools can be used on a wig
  • When it comes to the cost, Wigs aren’t worth the money.
  • A wig will always look fake.


  • Thus in general it is safe to say that wig can cause you no harm and neither do they damage your scalp. There are a good alternative to your natural hair if and when the need arises and are a boon if you loosing hair or have a medical conditions.
  • There are several ecommerce websites that provide wigs now and hence it becomes even easier to buy one. Since it is online you can browser the endless catalogues from the comfort of your home or office and do it at a time that suits you.
  • There will be no irritating sales man to pester you either. Besides which you can make use of the several tools available on the internet and test several style on a photo of yourself. This can help you decide on which wig to buy.
  • Elevate Styles is one such ecommerce website that helps you get the right wig. You have several wigs to choose from on the website and the best part is that if you cannot find what you are looking for or require a customised wig there is a special section to do that.

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