Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lace Front Wig First Timer

The Wigs made with thin sheer lace base at the hair line are called lace front wigs. This give the wig a natural looking hairline. It is possible to style the hair off the face mimicking natural hair growth at the hairline using such lace front wigs. Many people have the misconception that lace front wigs require a lot of time to wear and need preparation prior to wearing. But with the lace front wig it is quite the opposite.  This wig has become very popular amongst celebrities and the reason is just that it is a quick slip on may be not that quick but it sure is fast process. Not to mention the wig hair does not need to be styled it is already styled perfectly the way you require and thus saving trips to the hairstylist.

It is very easy to get carried away with excitement when you first come across the lace front wig.  This a unique and innovative product which tends to have that effect on all people. This type of wig is now very popular however it was not always so.  This wig started out with only celebrities buying them, since it combines the style versatility with a virtually undetectable hairline and the ability to part the hair anywhere on the wig. Such feature were an instant hit in fact. This became slowly affordable to all and now is on of the most popular wigs around.


All said and done it is a good idea not to get too carried away and spend all your money on an expensive lace front wig the first time round. I would suggest holding back taking the slower  approach. It is advisable to spend a little the first time round so that one can get the first get the feel of the wig and get used to following the steps need for proper care of the wig. It is common for first timers to handle the wig roughly the first time round. In addition to which at time it takes time to find the perfect type of lace front wig too. is one such company that offers wigs which are perfect for first timers.

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Difference between a Lace Front and Full Lace Wig

A lace front wig has lace from ear to ear unlike the full lace wig. This provides a natural looking hairline. The rest of the wig is made of a stretch mesh or some other material. A full lace wig on the other hand has lace front, lace nape and also lace cap and is usually made of French, Swiss or stretch lace or a combination. It can be glued all around the perimeter and worn in a high ponytail.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace wigs are very common amongst celebrities, in fact you will be surprised at the number of celebrities that use them. These are very smart wigs and blend into the hair thus are difficult to spot too. The myth that lace wigs are very expensive and only for celebrities is quite false in fact these wigs were once exclusively used by celebrities but are now are commonly used by many people and it quite popular as well. The advantages being it saves you the regular trip to the hairstylist.

Full Lace Front Wig

Of the two kinds of lace wigs available, the lace front wig uses a sheer lace base for the front portion of the wig. The lace usually covers only the front half of the wig and the rest of the base is thicker but easy material. The lace as we mentioned is almost invisible giving you a very natural look at the front. The hair can be parted as desired, in the middle or on the sides. With lace front wigs the adhesive is only along the hairline above the forehead.


On the other hand the full lace wigs have a base that is entirely made of lace. The lace covers the entire head from front to back. A full lace wig is thus more versatile and they can be styled in many different ways which is not quite so with the front lace wig. But everything comes at a cost hence the full lace wigs tend to be slightly more expensive.

At Elevatestyles we a have wide range of wig option for you to choose from and feel that articles like these can help you decide on the choice of your next wig. Since it is not something you want to rush into buying and should be a thoughtful decision.

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