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2014 Hair Trends for African-American Women

By, Valerie Washington

Happy New Year to all you beautiful sistas’ out there! The big, year-end holidays are finally over and now is the time to explore the 2014 hair trends for African-American women. Today’s post is big – HUGE! There’s some old, some new and lot’s of color, layers and braids! It’s a year that’s sure to be full of surprises and great-looking hair. So let’s look at what the experts are saying will be hot this year and how Elevate Styles can help you achieve those same looks for yourself.

Fishtail Braids
Braids are always in, but this year you’ll see big, mussed braids that hang long to one-side. This is an easy style for even the most novice person and looks great for work or going out. Check out these fishtail braids being sported by Angela Simmons and Gabrielle Union.

Get This Look:
To achieve this look yourself, you need medium-long to long length hair. If your hair is short, invest in some extensions or even a lace-front wig. Fishtail braids require that the hair be parted into two sections, not three, like in traditional braiding. Leave some hair out at the top and on the sides if you want bangs to frame your face. Start twisting the hair at the nape of the neck, continuing until you’ve almost reached the end of the braid. Secure the hair with a rubber band, hair clip or even a fashionable barrette for children. If you have short hair, you can easily get this look with one of our fashionable lace front wigs – already braided – or you can get a straight lace front wig, or put in some hair extensions, and braid it yourself! 

  Equal Braid Hairline Lace Wig Avery                                      Motown Futura Lac Front LFE- Julian

Edgy Bob’s
Let’s be real ladies, the bob hairstyle never really left the building, it just got a makeover. And for 2014, the bob style many things – chic, sporty and edgy – all at the same time. This year, your bob can be short, medium-length or long. Edgy cuts in varying lengths, curly bob’s or graduated bob’s are the way to go. Check out these happenin’ sisters showin’-off their bob’s below. From short to long – choppy, whispy, curly and colored – bob’s are a favorite choice in 2014 black hairstyles.

(Pictured below: actress Elise Neal,Photo credit:; and singers Rihanna, Photo credit; Nicki Minaj, Photo credit:; T-Boz, Photo credit: and Keri Hilson, Photo credit: Getty Images via


Get This Look:
To achieve this look, hair can be short, medium or long lengths. For graduated or asymmetrical bob styles, it’s probably best to get you hair cut into that style. The easiest way to wear a bob, whether it’s straight, wavy, curly or brightly colored is to sport a wig. You can have fun with daring asymmetrical cuts without ever touching your real hair.

CURLY BOB: Compare to Nicki Minaj’s Bob. Just color, tousle and go!

Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Lace Front MHLF-D

Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Lace Front MHLF-D

Short and sweet, but still elegant – just like Elise Neal’s!

(Shown in order: Sensationnel 100% Human Hair Lace Wig Dayna, Vivica Fox Remi Lace Front Wig Elegant-V, Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig Baby Hairline Cici, Vivica Fox Weave Cap Synthetic Wig WP-Makari-V)

Retro Hair
The days of flappers may be over, but their style is just as edgy and sexy as ever! Retro hair is back (again) and full of color!

Marcel Waves

Marian Anderson (1897-1993): Marian Anderson was an international superstar of her time. She was the fist African American – ever – to sing at the Met Opera in New York. You go girl! (Photo credit: Bettman/Corbis, Image circa 1920s-1930s)

It’s always great to see then-and-now pictures – check out Rihanna’s tribute to Marcel waves with high gloss – Marcel waves can be worn by anyone – short hair, long hair or in between. (Photo credit: Getty Images via

Marcel Waves: Timeless and beautiful, short or long!

Get this Look: (Shown in order: Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig M241 Nicki, Janet 100% Remi Human Hair Full Lace Wig Mimi, Sensationnel Empress Natural Front Lace Wig Amy, 

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig M241 Nicki

Marilyn Monroe Curls

Marilyn Monroe – still iconic as ever – made waves with her sexy loose curls. (Photo credit: Michael Ochs Archives via
Get this look.

It's a Wig Synthetic Simply Lace Wig Monroe – Platinum Blonde Not your thing? That’s okay – we have 11 other colors to choose from!

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair styles: Mermaid hair comes in two forms: waves and long flowing curls. Whichever you decide to get, you’ll be the prettiest mermaid in the sea!(Shown below: Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America; Tiffany Hines, Photo credit: Photo by PR Photos)

Get This Look: Getting a mermaid hairstyle is just as easy as putting on a lace front wig from Elevate Styles. You can have beautiful diva style in minutes!

(Shown in order: Saga Remy Lace Front 100% Human Hair Loose Deep, Royal Imex Hollywood 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig HRH-Ashanti, Janet Synthetic Full Lace Wig Cambell)

One thing is for certain, 2014 promises to be a year to remember, have fun this year – experiment and play with different hair cuts, lengths and colors. Go wavy one day and bone straight the next. There’s always something new at Elevate Styles to help you look your best. Stay true to yourselves divas and always remember to feel as good as you look!

(Like these 2014 hairstyles? Why not share your before and after pics with Elevate Styles – you may be featured in our next blog!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wig Differences

There are two types of wigs: Synthetic Wig & Human Hair/Natural Wig

Synthetic Wig

Model Model Synthetic Lace Front Natural Hairline Briona

Model Model Synthetic Lace Front Natural Hairline Briona
A large amount of wigs available online are made with synthetic hair. A synthetic hair wig will normally cost less than a human hair wig. This is because they are produced in mass quantities. Synthetic hair can be made using a number of fibers. The most popular ones are made with Kanekalon, Futura or Ultima synthetic fibers.

Futura Wig

Futura Wig

Futura is a great choice for synthetic hair wigs because of its resistance to heat. With the ability to apply more heat to this fiber, the wearer can expand upon hair styles and not be corned into leaving the wig “as-is”.

Ultima Wig

Ultima Wig

Ultima synthetic hair is made with a collagen protein for a natural, hydrated feel to the hair. This hair has a very close look and feel of human hair and is highly regarded.

Popular brands of synthetic wigs are: Beshe, Model Model, Diana, Isis, Equal and It’s A Wig.

Human Hair/Natural Wig

Saga Remy 100% Human Lace Front Secret

Saga Remy 100% Human Lace Front Secret
Human hair wigs over the last few decades have become extremely popular. With women wanting their hair to look as natural to their normal hair type as is possible, human hair, or natural hair, comes in a variety of textures, lengths and styles. There’s a human hair wig or hair extension out there for everybody and the end result is hair that hangs naturally, can be cut, dyed, curled, blow-dried, even straightened. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic hair wigs.

Remy Hair/Virgin Remy Hair Wig

It's a Wig Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Part Lace Wig Natural Wave 20

It's a Wig Salon Remi 100% Brazilian Human Hair Part Lace Wig Natural Wave 20
Remy hair is one of the most popular and expensive of all wig hair types. True Remy hair is hair that has been cut directly from the donor’s head, kept together before and after cutting and has had no chemical treatments.

Human Hair Wig

It's a Wig 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig Mika

It's a Wig 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig Mika
Human hair (that is not Remy hair) still comes from a donor’s head, the difference is that all the hair strands are not kept going in the same direction. The hair is usually brushed in the same direction. Human hair such as this typically is processed to make the hair easier to handle and style. Bleaching of the hair ensures that when it is dyed, it is all the same color.

Popular brands of human hair/Remy wigs are Bobbi Boss, It’s A Wig!, Motown Tress, Shake n Go, Beshe and Sensationnel.

About Company : Elevatestyles Corporation specializes in African American wigs such as Beshe Lace Wig Drew, Lace 31 and Wet N Wavy Jerry Curl Styles that are kinky curly and absolutely beautiful.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Choose a Wig?

The fact that you want to purchase a Wig is in itself is a good decision however there are several factors to consider prior to selecting a wig.

Buying from a known seller: 

Another disadvantage being that if any alternation is necessary in a custom wig then it is bound to take a longer time for them to deliver the final product. That aside there are many factors to consider before choosing a Wig as mentioned here. Hence you should be aware as to how long the seller has been in business and if they order their wigs from some place else.



It is important to consider the reviews of previous customers; in case of buying online it is easier to lookup the published reviews of previous customers via the websites online feedback system/reviews on product page or via forums related to hair styling or design.

Experience counts:

It may be a good idea to talk to someone with knowledge and experience of buying wigs prior to actually choosing the wig that is right for you. This way you can learn from their mistakes. In addition to which there are many websites that provide information as to which kind of wig suits which type of face. Such websites can also be referred to for additional help.



The price of the wigs are likely to vary depending how the seller orders them (in wholesale or otherwise) thus it is a good idea to fish around but the cheapest is not necessarily the best one to buy. For example in  they offer promo code for discount.




In addition to which make sure that you do have access to after sales customer service just in case you have the need.

Hair Type: 

Human Hair Wigs Synthetic Wigs


It is important that you keep in mind that there are many different types of wigs available by which I mean wigs for different purposes, like those for bald head, and those for parties etc. Additionally the hair used to make the wigs varies as well. For example it could either be Synthetic or human hair wigs or something else as well. Make sure you consider these factors as well before choosing the right one for yourself.

About Company : Elevatestyles Corporation specializes in African American wigs such as Beshe Lace Wig Drew, Lace 31 and Wet N Wavy Jerry Curl Styles that are kinky curly and absolutely beautiful.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Top Few Reasons Why People Wear Wigs and Why You Should Consider Wearing One

The wigs that are available today have come a long way in every sense. Wigs have been worn by people since as far back as we can tell. Hence some of the best wigs available on the market look very realistic and natural. These wigs are either made from synthetic material or real human hair and their price can vary quite a bit from place to place depending on the quality and the shop itself. However there is no one reason for people to wear wigs, some of the reasons may actually surprise you; here are a top few reasons though.

Look more beautiful:

                     Before                            After


The very popular reason to wear a wig is to look more beautiful. It may be possible that the person is not satisfied with the way their hairdo is and thus in order to achieve that fullness and beauty they may opt for wearing a wig. In addition to which the wigs can be pre-styled; thus eliminating the time required to style your hair at the hair stylist for hours together.

Time Saver:

Time Saver


Most of the people these days lead a very hectic life and rarely get the time to spend styling their hair at the hair stylist. This is true for routine hair styling but is especially true for special occasions. If you have that very special occasion to go to and you are having a bad hair day with desperate need to visit the hair stylist you have little options which would usually mean missing something or the other. A wig can (pre-styled) save you a lot of time in this case not to mention money as well.

Hiding Hair Loss:

Hiding Hair Loss


People often have hair loss due to some reason or the other like a serious illness, or due to hereditary factors or even due to bad eating or sleeping habits. Such people tend to resort to wearing wigs and it is one of the best solutions too; since it is very capable of doing the job. Besides hiding hair loss can help boost one's self esteem as well.

Style options:

Style options


With choosing to wear a wig you also have the ability to choose your hair style. All you need to do is to change your wig and have changed your hair style. It may be good news for you that many wigs come pre-styled and you can choose from many different styles too (a different one for each day). In addition to which it is also possible to get the wigs styled at a hair stylist which tends to last for a while.

Hair turning old (loosing color):

                                                   Before                 After



A wig is more that a good solution if your hair is turning grey or while whatever the case may be. Keeping your hair constantly coloured can be quite a hassle and costly business too.

About Company : Elevatestyles specializes in African American wigs such as Beshe Lace Wig Drew, Lace 31 and Wet N Wavy Jerry Curl Styles that are kinky curly and absolutely beautiful.

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