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Choosing the right Wig for yourself and where to buy it from

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There are several reasons why people wear wigs. It could be that they have lost all their hair for some reason (genetics, chemo therapy, or some disease) ; it can also be that a character in a play or a movie requires to be wearing a specific hair style that is easily fulfilled by a wig. Thus it at times it is necessary to use a wig .

Factors in choosing a wig:

There are several types wigs available, some more features some more expensive:
  • Human hair wigs: Human hair wigs give have the ability to give you that natural look, after they are made from human hair. You also have the option of choosing an Synthetic wig however the human hair one is more durable and can also bear a lot more heat than the synthetic ones. This also means more number of styling options for the Human hair wigs. But at the same time they are also more expensive.
  • Also take into consideration your personal style preferences when selecting a wig. For example if you like to pull back the wig cap or if you like to weave your hair, etc. if the wig cap is pulled back then the wig cap should ideally have lace at the crown. This will make it more natural looking (hairline).
  • You may find the need to restyle your hair, this is a very common occurrence for wig wearers. The reason being that the wigs are not custom made for an individual. The wigs that are generally available on the internet ecommerce store or in a store are of a specific size and length and thus are rather generic. The shape of your head and size are both unique and hence not always perfectly match the ready-made wig; thus you may have to
Standard Wig Size:
The wigs are available in several size, that said there is one universal size that fits almost every one. This is a common size and more or less can be made to fit anyone. The dimensions of this standard size wig are:
  • Around the head: 20 to 25 inches
  • Front to Back: 14 to 15 1/4 inch.
  • Ear to Ear: 13 to 14 inch.

How to measure Head size:

The process of measure the head is really quite simple as described here:
  • Around the head: For this you need to start at the natural hairline in the front. Now take the take around the head (around the neck) and back to the starting point from the other direction.
  • Front to Back: This is the measure from the natural hairline at the front to the back over the crown where the head and neck meet.
  • Ear to ear: This is really quite simple and intuitive and begins from one ear and extents to the other ear.

List of Common questions:

Expert wig wearers will be more familiar with these common topics, more than the beginners. However it is likely that there are a few points listed here that even they might find educational.
  • A full cap wig: A full cap wig as the name suggests covers the entire head and hence this means none of your own natural hair is shown out. There are also additional straps and hooks that are used to put the wig in place. However make sure you determine the wig characteristics prior to investing in one.
  • Half wig: With the half wig you can also display some of your own natural hair, since as the name suggests it only covers half of the head. This means it is also smaller. It is designed such that you can create a natural look by displaying your bangs, etc. This disguises the presence of fake hair.
  • Mono filament Wig: A mono filament wig consists of a thin tan colored mesh. Here each strand of hair is knotted alone. The wig looks quite natural and also allows more free movement of the hair. This wig is enhanced by a special weaving technique which results in excellent ventilation. With these wigs the hair is hand tied and hence it is also called mono wigs. They are usually more expensive too.

Wig Shopping:

Like everything else, even wigs are available online and have been for a while. Hence you now have two options, either buy it online from the Internet or go out to a store to select one. It usually really comes down to personal preference in most cases however here are a few tips to help you decide what is right for you.

Benefits on buying online:

  • The wigs online do tend to cost a bit less and there are more offers in an online store than in a brick store.
  • This is the best option for those who do not want to be seen at a Wig store at all.
  • If a wig store is not close by then buying online is saving you a lot cost on the fuel bills.
  • You have the ability to shop at your own leisure with no pesky salesmen bothering you.
  • If stuck you can easily make an inquiry via the contact forms or some website may even have an online instant chat feature.
  • Can simulate how you would look in a certain style using many of the tools available on the internet.

Benefits of a local brick store:

  • With a brick store, you can preview the wig in your hands and even try it on.
  • Can get expert advice from a experts on a one to one basis.
  • If the wig has issues or is simply the wrong one, you are likely to be able to get a replacement as soon as you return it to the store. However with shopping online, if there is any issue you will either need to request a pick up from the buyer or ship it back yourself. Besides which you will get the replacement online after it is shipped again.


Opting to wear a wigs is a good start. However the world of wigs is vast and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying a wig and you must be now well aware of, having read the article.
But there is more.. There are many different brands too and hence that also adds to the confusion.
ElevatesStyles (ecommerce online wig store) can help solve this confusion by offering you to browse through their large catalogs making the selection process a breeze. Here are some of the options available to you:
  • Equal Band Synthetic Full Cap Wig Sweet Girl (DC)
  • Equal Braid Hairline Lace Wig LIA (DC)
  • Equal Brand hairline lace Wig Maci (DC)
  • Equal brand hairline Lace Wig Maya
  • Equal Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail Jamaican Twist Girl.

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All you need to know about Weaving hair

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Weaving hair is a form of artificial hair integration and is more commonly called hair extensions. The main aim of such hair extensions is to add length or fullness to natural hair. The also do the task of protecting ones natural hair. The advantage being that you can achieve it without and drastic changes and make it seem realistic at the same time.

Common techniques for Hair weaving

Fusion Hair Weave
  • The fusion method is one of the most common hair weaving techniques and is also known as the strand bonding technique. The technique involves fusing the hair strands to the natural hair using a cold bonding or thermal bonding technique.
  • The advantage being that since they are fused with the natural hair they last longer than if there were glued. At the same time they give a more natural look and feel.
  • On the down side, the fusion technique is slightly on the higher end when it comes to the cost of the process. It is also very time consuming to set up and will need repositioning after every 3 months (maximum). This is due to the natural hair growth. In addition to this, there are some potential side effects as well like hair loss, scalp irritation or causing damage to the hair in general.
Sew in Weaves
  • This method is one of the harder ones and hence is usually best done by a professional at a hair salon. The synthetic or natural hair is woven into small tight braids of natural hair to start with. These like flat against the scalp.
  • The advantage being that the result of this method is more natural looking as compared to the other methods. They also require very low maintenance in the longer run.
  • On the down side, it takes very long for the entire process, approximately 3 – 4 hours.
Drawsting Weaves
  • This method involves a more simpler process as compared to the other options and hence more number of women opt for the drawsting weaves. The people who like to tie their hair as high pony tails or buns usually opt for the drawstring weaves.
  • The advantage being that this method does not stress the natural hair of the person as is the case in some of the other processes. Neither does this method make use of any potentially harmful adhesives. Thus they can also be removed easily when desired.
Clip-in or Clip-on hair extensions:

This method involves using small toupee clips. These usually start at the nape of the neck where the hair is neatly sectioned after which the weft is placed on this section with the clips open and facing the scalp. The process involves snapping each clip into place.

The advantage being that this technique does not involve the use of any glue or other external substances that are potentially harmful. It is also quite versatile in terms of usage. For example some people use it only on special occasions while others use it daily.

On the down side, they need to be removed prior to sleeping in-spite of having being able to wear them all day.

Elevate Styles helps you when you need it most:

There are several techniques and several styles to choose from, hence this is sometimes even confusing for an experienced wig wearer let alone a newbie. But all is not lost since help is only a click away.

Elevate Styles is an ecommerce website that is all about wigs. You can browse through the limitless catalogs and even pick one to buy instantly. If in case you are confused it is easy to contact the right person for the correct advice from the website itself. At the same time if you require something special, you can request that too from the website itself.

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Bob Wigs - Information - Using it - Where to find it

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A Bob wig has the ability to add instant glamor to your look. This is one style that has been around for a very long time. It has even been the reason for a revolution (women's) at one point in time. However this timeless design is not likely to go out of style and is still extensively used today. It is an chic, elegant and classic style.   
Things to Consider:

There are several things that you should take into consideration when thinking about a Bob wig as the next wig you are going to buy:

  • There two main types of hair, human hair and synthetic hair and the Bob Wigs can be either one.
  • Both have different characteristics which also apply to the Bob wigs. The human hair being more expensive and with more style options.
  • The length of the Bob wig plays a big role in dictating the style of the wig. However when it comes to selecting the right length look at nothing else but your very own face.
  • The reason being, the shape of your face matters. There are some hair styles that only look good only on a certain face shapes.
  • To start with the Bob Wig was quite short, however gradually the longer hair version of the Bob was introduced and then there was no looking back on the number of different styles of Bob Wigs that became available.
  • When it comes to cost the same theory applies like for other wigs. The synthetic wigs are on the lower end, while the human hair bob wigs are more dearer.

Wearning a Bob Wig:

It is fairly easy to wear a Bob wig and you will generally require a Bob wig, hair ties, bobby pins and a wig cap. All you need to do is follow the steps mention here to make sure it is the perfect fit:
  • To start with, wash and dry your hair.
  • Make your hair into a tight ponytail and arrange them at the crown of your head.
  • Use a hair tie to keep it in place.
  • The next step is to form a bun by separating the pony tail into two sections around each other. Although you do need to make sure it lays as flat as possible. This process is slightly tricky and for those less experienced with hair styling it is a good idea to take the help of a friend or a hair stylist.
  • It is essential to secure the bun in place by inserting bobby pins from outside. 
  • Also secure any short loose hair with the help of bobby pins.
  • It is a good idea to use a wig cap; thus first place the wig cap over your head. Using a wig cap that matches the skin colour is beneficial.
  • Now it is time to wear the wig after lightly brushing .
  • You can slide it and adjust it till it is correctly positioned on your head.
  • Lastly straighten out any stray hair by running your fingers through the wig hair.


  • The Bob wigs too require maintenance and hence should be washed regularly (for example after at the most 15 uses). The process of washing the wig is quite straight forward, however you need to make sure you are using the right method depending on the type of the wig.
  • For a synthetic wig you need to use cold water and shampoo. However for a human hair wig you are free to use lukewarm water.
  • Never comb the wig in a rough method. Always be gentle and smooth. You ar free to make use of wide tooth-combs although make sure they don't tangle the hair.

Picking the right one:

With so many different kinds of Bob wigs to choose from it can get quite confusing. However browsing through the entire range at the leisure of your home can make this process easier. ElevateStyles is an e Commerce website that is all about wigs and making it easier for you to pick one.

Here are a few popular ones:
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H-Cindy
  • BESHE 100% Human Hair Wig HH-Baby
  • BESHE Synthetic Bubble Wig BB-Blake
  • Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Wig
  • ITS A WIG 100% Human Hair Wig HH Moly

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Full Lace Wig Vs Lace Front Wig

Janet Black Pearl Full Lace Wig HushIts a Wig Queen Synthetic Lace Front Wig Lauren
  • People of all ages like to wear a wig, especially women. The wigs were only popular with the celebrities in the past. However the things have changed since then and the wigs are now become more affordable.
  • Hence more number of women are now opting to wear wigs. This has also resulted in there being a lot many more options in terms of the style of the wigs, brand of the wigs as well as other features. This is good as well as bad. 
  • Since there are many different types of wigs it often becomes hard to pick one even for the experienced wig wearers.
  • Lace wigs have recently become quite popular however there is often confusion as to which one to pick, the full lace wig or the lace front wig. Both are lace wigs are both of them look on almost everyone.

Lace front Wigs:

  • When it comes to lace front wig, there really should not be a lot of ambiguity as to what it is. The name itself says it all. It has sheer lace on the front section of then wig which can be cut or trimmed as per requirement while wearing the wig.
  • The lace which extend from eat to ear makes sure that it gives the wig a natural looking hairline. With a lace front wig, the base is made from thicker material with comfort in mind and not lace.
  • It is only the front section of the wig that is lace and helps complete the overall look and feel of the wig, to make it seem like a natural hair line.
  • Lace front wigs are available in several textures, quality and length and the cost is on the higher end although you may be able to get your hands on cheaper alternatives.
  • The baby hair in the front can be a hinderance due to the tape or glue that is used to attach it hence this needs to be done carefully. The lace front wig is popular amongst several celebrities like Beyonce and Riahanna, etc.

Full Lace Wigs:

  • The name again says it all. The wig has a full lace base thus making them more versatile than the lace front wigs. With a full lace base the options in terms of hair styles are greatly increased.
  • Since the Full lace wigs cover more of the head, (the entire head) the method in which they are worn is different form the lace front wigs. With a full lace wig you should ideally wear a wig cap since it expands over the entire head.
  • This is also a popular wig that is the choice of several celebrities, though it is slightly more expensive than the lace front wig. The fact that it is hard to detect that a person is wearing a full lace wig is very deceiving, but the reality is that a large number of celebrities use this wig.

Making the decision

  • With some more in-depth information about the two lace wigs it may become slightly easier to select the correct one. However there is more. There are several types of wigs in terms of type of hair – human and synthetic and there are also several brands of wigs too.
  • Here is quick list of wigs that a available on Elevate Styles to give you a fair idea of what to expect and how to select. Elevate Styles is an ecommece website where you can browse through a limitless collection of wigs and even buy the one you like:
  • The Synthetic Front Lace Wig LW-Morgan from BESHE
  • BESHE Synthetic Front Lace Wig LW-Stacy
  • The shorter BESHE Synthetic Lace Front Wig LW-Drew
  • BESHE Synthetic Lace Front Wig LW-Curve