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All you need to know about Weaving hair

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Weaving hair is a form of artificial hair integration and is more commonly called hair extensions. The main aim of such hair extensions is to add length or fullness to natural hair. The also do the task of protecting ones natural hair. The advantage being that you can achieve it without and drastic changes and make it seem realistic at the same time.

Common techniques for Hair weaving

Fusion Hair Weave
  • The fusion method is one of the most common hair weaving techniques and is also known as the strand bonding technique. The technique involves fusing the hair strands to the natural hair using a cold bonding or thermal bonding technique.
  • The advantage being that since they are fused with the natural hair they last longer than if there were glued. At the same time they give a more natural look and feel.
  • On the down side, the fusion technique is slightly on the higher end when it comes to the cost of the process. It is also very time consuming to set up and will need repositioning after every 3 months (maximum). This is due to the natural hair growth. In addition to this, there are some potential side effects as well like hair loss, scalp irritation or causing damage to the hair in general.
Sew in Weaves
  • This method is one of the harder ones and hence is usually best done by a professional at a hair salon. The synthetic or natural hair is woven into small tight braids of natural hair to start with. These like flat against the scalp.
  • The advantage being that the result of this method is more natural looking as compared to the other methods. They also require very low maintenance in the longer run.
  • On the down side, it takes very long for the entire process, approximately 3 – 4 hours.
Drawsting Weaves
  • This method involves a more simpler process as compared to the other options and hence more number of women opt for the drawsting weaves. The people who like to tie their hair as high pony tails or buns usually opt for the drawstring weaves.
  • The advantage being that this method does not stress the natural hair of the person as is the case in some of the other processes. Neither does this method make use of any potentially harmful adhesives. Thus they can also be removed easily when desired.
Clip-in or Clip-on hair extensions:

This method involves using small toupee clips. These usually start at the nape of the neck where the hair is neatly sectioned after which the weft is placed on this section with the clips open and facing the scalp. The process involves snapping each clip into place.

The advantage being that this technique does not involve the use of any glue or other external substances that are potentially harmful. It is also quite versatile in terms of usage. For example some people use it only on special occasions while others use it daily.

On the down side, they need to be removed prior to sleeping in-spite of having being able to wear them all day.

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