Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

Its a Wig Full Lace Wig Lindsey

  • A wig is just another accessory for few and a necessity for some, but one this is for sure they have been around for a while now. Wigs have always come in handy be it for a party, a movie, as a fashion accessory or as a necessity like due partial or complete baldness, or medical reasons.
  • However just like everything else, wigs too have changed and kept up with the times. They have now become easier to wear and hook on and easy to maintain as well.
  • Many wigs available these days are ready to wear ones that you can just slip on. The advantage being that you can have a new hair style everyday without spending hours on end at the hair stylist. 
  • A lace wig is a special wig that is design and made with a sheer lace base. The lace wig can be made from either human hair or synthetic hair.
  • This is tied by hand to a sheer lace base. As far as the full lace wigs are concerned their base is made entirely of lace and the rest of the wig is made out of less fragile material so that it is less susceptible to ripping or tearing.
  • The lace as you may have guessed is a very fragile material. A lace wig can be either a full lace wig or a lace front wig.

Difference between a lace front and a full lace wig:

 Janet Black Pearl Full Lace Wig Hush Wig A Plus Ozone Synthetic Lace Front Wig 006

  • A full lace wig is different from a lace front wig in many ways. The main difference being that a full lace wig can be pulled into a high pony tail and even up do's, while that is not possible with a lace front wig.
  • As the name suggests, with the lace front wig the lace is only in the front half of the wig. This allows you to part your hair either way.
  • Besides which a lace front wig has a more natural look at the front which has lace from ear to ear. Whole lace wig is also the kind of wig where the entire wig is made up of lace.

Full Lace Wigs from Human Hair:

 Janet Full Lace Remy Human Hair Wig Empress

  • The Full lace wigs made from human hair are of high quality and are the kind that you will take an instant liking too.
  • They do not harm the scalp in any way. Though they do need to be attached to the scalp with glue but the comfortable lace is so good that you will not feel itchy or uncomfortable when it is worn. Such wigs can only make you look better, enhancing your personal beauty. 
  • Full lace wigs are quite common with many people including African Americans who were full lace wigs. But this was not always the case.
  • There was a time when only celebrities enjoyed the great features of the full lace wigs. But things have changed now and the wigs have become more affordable and available to everyone via several websites online and even stores for that matter. provide you variety of lace wigs.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Black Women with the Synthetic Wigs


  • It is well known that Diamonds are a women's best friend. But does anyone know how much women treasure their hair. There are many different reasons why women wear wigs; some wear it to cover the thinning of hair,  some to make a completely different hairstyle, other for work as part of a costume or even a party and some even out of baldness.
  • There are many different types of wigs also available to complement every requirement of theirs. They can mainly be categorised into synthetic wig and human hair wigs.
  • The synthetic wigs tend to be cheaper of the two. They are made of synthetic fibres like acrylic and nylon.
  • Unlike the natural hair wig which are made of natural hair as the name suggest, the synthetic wigs are machine made, mass produced and quite durable too.
  • There are many advantages of opting for a synthetic wig, like it is generally cheaper, comes in pre made styles like curly, wavy or straight, in addition to then some of them can also be styled at home. However there is a limitation on exposure to high temperature.
  • Dying or washing of synthetic hair is also possible and they tend to dry faster too.

Looking good in Synthetic Wigs:

There are many different kinds of wigs available that range from cheap synthetic wigs to the synthetic wigs on the higher end. Either way synthetic wigs too can look good on you and bring out all your good features. Here are  a few tips for the same:

  • Washing the Wig: There are special shampoos available to wash a wig, although when it comes to an emergency, people are known to use laundry detergent along with lukewarm water. One of the easy ways of doing so is in a bathtub filled with the washing soap and rinsing it for a minute or two.
  • Towel Dry: The wig will in general take quite a while to dry. In fact it can take anywhere between 4 - 5 hours to dry. However it is possible to towel dry it quite thoroughly to remove big snarls before you hand it to dry.
  • Styling: A synthetic wig is often pre styles and can be worn straight out of the box. However if you need to restyle it then that too may be possible to some extent. It is even possible to dye the wig and in some cases use other styling tools too.

Synthetic Hair Wigs for Black African American Women: 

  • African American synthetic wigs are quite popular in the market. In fact there is a higher demand for wigs of these kind which has lead to higher availability as well as an improvement in quality of the African American synthetic wigs.
  • These wigs are durable and not at all hard to maintain and hence tend to last quite a long time.
  • These are usually ready to wear and hence can quickly enhance your natural beauty in no time. With just about every shade covered from the darkest ebony to blonde, and many different hair styles also catered for you are sure to find the one for you if you look hard enough. Besides having plenty of options in physical stores in your market, checking the collection online on the internet can be good option too. You will be surprised at the number of discount, added features and quality of the wigs available online.


There are many different types of wigs out there and there are also a lot of different options with the great many places to buy them from. All this enough to confuse an experienced buyer too, while those new to wigs don't stand a chance of being able to pick the right one the first time. But then there is Elevate Styles, a e-commerce website that is solely dedicated to wigs.

They have a vast collection of wigs and are sure to have the one that is right for you. Besides having a very good and user friendly website that makes it possible for you to find your wig, they also have a custom wig section. This is a place where you can make a request of the unique or specific wig that you are looking for and you are most likely not going to be disappointed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Difference between Natural Looking Hair Wig and Synthetic Wig for Women

  • Real Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs endow women with an enchanting opportunity to remain as gorgeously beautiful as they ever crave to be---beyond the sulking shadow of age! Both bring seductive charm for fair-sex as the wigs never let their delicate smile go away.
  • While the former costs more and needs more care, the latter has comparatively a short life and can be used as get-set-go type.
    Depending on what goes well with attractive looks, women can opt-for any of the two wigs.

Here we are with their pros and cons; with a desire to help.

Real looking Hair Wigs

100 indian super natural remi human hair natural

Its a Wig 100% Indian Super Natural Remi Human Hair Natural 810

Real Hair wigs, also known as Human Hair Wigs, are made from 100% human hair.
These types of wigs can come in many colors, styles and sometimes in great lengths.
The former is more expensive than the later wigs.
  • The wig can last up to 12 months if cared for proprly, if not longer.
  • You can use hair straighteners, curling tongs and other heated tools.
  • You can have a hairdresser to style the wig to make it more individual for you or to trim the fringe/bangs.
  • 100% human hair wigs are so soft to touch. It looks like a natural looking wig so much so that people will not believe you if you do tell them that it is a wig. You'll still need to spend some time styling the wig i.e with tongs etc. They can also cost more than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Equal Synthetic Wig Gala

Equal Synthetic Wig Gala

They are great fun as you only need to shake it and put it on. If the synthetic wig has curls, the curls will always stay in and be bouncy  as you do not need to do anything to in this type of wig.

They are also very cost effective so you can buy a good many for the same money you would spend on a real hair wig.

  • You can put it on and only give it a comb and you’re ready to go.
  • You do not need to re-curl as the curls will stay in.
  • You can buy several for the same amount of one real hair wig.
  • With a good quality synthetic hair wig no one will be able to tell that it isn’t a real hair wig.

Their life span is a lot shorter than a human hair wig.  The Wigs do look good and people will not

Synthetic wigs are great if you are just starting out wearing wigs or you like to change your hair style often.

Both wigs have their benefits for different people. The above review is to give you a better understanding of the two wigs. If you are unsure; start off with a synthetic hair wig, as they cost less, and when you are ready upgrade to a real hair wig.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Remy Human Hair –The Highest Grade of Real Human Hair

Remy human hair is the most alternative choice every woman would ever desire to spot. The cuticle of Remy hair makes every woman feel naturally beautiful and certainly an envy of all. Remy lace front wigsRemy lace front wigs bring fascinating looks; becoming the first preference of fair sex.

Bobbi Boss 100% Pure Remi Human Hair Lace Front MFLF-G

Brazilian Remy wigs is the softest, most attractive and hair type. Such is its captivating look that a woman can’t help but feel smitten by its irresistible glow. It is not chemically processed for color or texture since it is straight, wavy and as curly as can steal the heart. The hair strands has got to be of same length and face the same direction ensuring a quality set. Brazilian Remy wigs have no shedding, tangles or lices at all!

Remy hair –the highest grade of real human hair weaves, lace front wigs, wigs hair extensions and hair pieces because it achieves the most natural and makes you feel the real. It is the hair that is collected by a hair donor. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in the one direction. Generally, it is known that synthetic hair doesn’t have cuticle. It does not mat because all the cuticles are aligned and intact. It is alive and aligned to face the same direction. It is made from healthy hair allowing to be reused after washing.

It comes in two different textures;

i. Medium texture Remy hair
–similar to that of Asian hair.

ii. Fine texture Remy hair
–similar to that of Caucasian hair, thin yet high in The hair cuticle density and more wavy, curly side

The main feature of the Remy hair is cuticle which is outer most part of the hair shaft.

Elevate styles helps in giving the makeover that sets trend, being the fashion statement one craves for. Beautiful hair plays a significant role in providing charming looks. Based on what goes best with the looks, it does so remarkably. The charm returns to embellish the face, the hair has an enviable shine and the entire presentation catches eyeballs like never before. Elevate styles works to bring about the natural look through a comprehensive study of what ought to be done best for particular looks.

Beshe 100% Brazilian Remy Unprocessed Super Long Wig 22" HBR-PAULO

One can have her appearance as desired. There are profound varieties to choose from. Done with the rigidity of traditional hair, one can have a dream makeover. That’s what Remy human hair does to you!

Gone were the days of being content with what you have. Today, you have the problems of plenty. This is the age of magnificent experiments. No style can ever defy time. With the passing of time, everything gets outdated. Due only to Remy hair, one can remain in the eyes and heart of all. You get what you want! It is as simple as you ever wish.

It is available in very acceptable cost based on brand and quality. It starts from $22.88 onwards. Besides being affordable, it has the elegance at par.