Monday, March 16, 2015

Full Lace Wig Vs Lace Front Wig

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  • People of all ages like to wear a wig, especially women. The wigs were only popular with the celebrities in the past. However the things have changed since then and the wigs are now become more affordable.
  • Hence more number of women are now opting to wear wigs. This has also resulted in there being a lot many more options in terms of the style of the wigs, brand of the wigs as well as other features. This is good as well as bad. 
  • Since there are many different types of wigs it often becomes hard to pick one even for the experienced wig wearers.
  • Lace wigs have recently become quite popular however there is often confusion as to which one to pick, the full lace wig or the lace front wig. Both are lace wigs are both of them look on almost everyone.

Lace front Wigs:

  • When it comes to lace front wig, there really should not be a lot of ambiguity as to what it is. The name itself says it all. It has sheer lace on the front section of then wig which can be cut or trimmed as per requirement while wearing the wig.
  • The lace which extend from eat to ear makes sure that it gives the wig a natural looking hairline. With a lace front wig, the base is made from thicker material with comfort in mind and not lace.
  • It is only the front section of the wig that is lace and helps complete the overall look and feel of the wig, to make it seem like a natural hair line.
  • Lace front wigs are available in several textures, quality and length and the cost is on the higher end although you may be able to get your hands on cheaper alternatives.
  • The baby hair in the front can be a hinderance due to the tape or glue that is used to attach it hence this needs to be done carefully. The lace front wig is popular amongst several celebrities like Beyonce and Riahanna, etc.

Full Lace Wigs:

  • The name again says it all. The wig has a full lace base thus making them more versatile than the lace front wigs. With a full lace base the options in terms of hair styles are greatly increased.
  • Since the Full lace wigs cover more of the head, (the entire head) the method in which they are worn is different form the lace front wigs. With a full lace wig you should ideally wear a wig cap since it expands over the entire head.
  • This is also a popular wig that is the choice of several celebrities, though it is slightly more expensive than the lace front wig. The fact that it is hard to detect that a person is wearing a full lace wig is very deceiving, but the reality is that a large number of celebrities use this wig.

Making the decision

  • With some more in-depth information about the two lace wigs it may become slightly easier to select the correct one. However there is more. There are several types of wigs in terms of type of hair – human and synthetic and there are also several brands of wigs too.
  • Here is quick list of wigs that a available on Elevate Styles to give you a fair idea of what to expect and how to select. Elevate Styles is an ecommece website where you can browse through a limitless collection of wigs and even buy the one you like:
  • The Synthetic Front Lace Wig LW-Morgan from BESHE
  • BESHE Synthetic Front Lace Wig LW-Stacy
  • The shorter BESHE Synthetic Lace Front Wig LW-Drew
  • BESHE Synthetic Lace Front Wig LW-Curve

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