Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flirty Fall Looks: Hot and Sexy Hair

Fall is upon us and….it’s getting cold! But there’s nothing better on a cool autumn night that a hot and sexy hairdo. So let’s explore some styles that are making waves (even in the Fall) and heat things up!

Deep waves and curls are always appealing and they just elude femininity all over. Try out some of these hot and heavy styles and don’t forget to experiment with color. Fall is a great time to try out a new shade or go a little crazy with color!

Sensationnel Synthetic Half Wig Lyon

Tight whirly curls like in the Bobbi Boss Wig are easy to maintain and even easier to put on and go. Keep it simple in the fall, focus more on your fabulous outfit and enjoy going from drab to fab in minutes with flirty wigs!

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Wig M-381 Tika

Every one will be Jealous when they see you out and about in this Equal Lace Front Wig, accurately called “Jealousy”. And for less than forty bucks, you can do important things like finish you Christmas shopping. (And look damn good while you’re doing it.)

Equal Lace Front Wig Natural Hairline Wig Jealousy

Again, Equal has a great line of lace front wigs – this one features a baby hairline which adds to its natural look. Soft waves and highlights on this wig add to your sensuality. And this wig is perfect from 9 to 5 and beyond!

Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig Baby Hairline Tori

Embrace the colors of Fall with this Invisible Part Lace Front Wig from Equal, called Bently. And you’ll look like you just stepped out of a Bentley when you don this wig. Long and loose curls in gorgeous browns, blondes and golds come together to help you rock this flirtatious look in no time!

Equal Invisible Part Lace Front Wig Bently

Turn the heat up a notch is this sexy Human Hair Lace Wig, appropriately called Romance from Diana. You’ll turn heads and widen eyes when you enter the room with this beautiful hair. And it’s made from Remi, so you not only have sensuous and flirty hair, but you also have an investment that can last for months and months. Just the thing you need around the holidays.


Diana Human Hair Remi Lace Wig Romance

And don’t forget, fall is when cold weather starts to creep in and wreak havoc on our beautiful Black hair. So it’s important to moisturize, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to use as less heat as possible.

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