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Head Circumference (Wig Sizes) - How Do I measure My Head Size?

Modern people, especially ladies love wearing wigs for special occasions or for medicinal reasons. They face the most important issue – how to measure head for wig size. Most wigs nowadays come in ‘one size fits all’ model that might not fit everyone’s head size. Head size measurement is necessary, especially for large size wigs and here we provide you with a wear size guide on wigs.

Measurements are asked for custom lace wigs however, it will be helpful for all. If you are purchasing wig online, then taking correct measurement of your head is necessary to fit the unit well. Before measuring your head, you need to keep certain things in hand.
  • Get a cloth measuring tape and put around your head. Take down the measurements and next, prep your hair. 
  • Keep in mind your style of wearing such as braiding hair under the lace wig, because you have to measure size according to the style.
  • Keep the tape close to the skin but not pressing tightly as it may cause your lace wig to cut into your skin or suppress circulation. 
  • Circumference is taken to know the distance from the center of your front hairline to your entire head. 
  • Ensure that the tape goes above your ear and leaves at the nape of your neck. 
  • Include baby hairs while measuring and avoid single strands that are unimportant. 
6 type measure of circumference of head for the right wig size 

1.The Circumference of the Head:

This includes measurement of all around the head. Put tape at the edge of the hairline to get the measurement around the head and nape of the neck.

2.Measuring front to nape:

  • This is important in head size measurement to know the length of head for the lace wig. The distance from your hairline to the nape of neck will be measured. 
  • Perhaps you are not sure about the place your nape of neck extends to. Bend back your head until you feel a small crease and the place where your neck creases is the exact nape of your neck. 
  • This place will have a unique line with baby hairs. When you take measurement, bend down your neck looking at your feet so that you can get the skin on neck stretched. 
  • Put the tape at the center of front hairline and pull right above the top of head. This measurement will include your front hairline, crown of the head and the nape of your neck. 
3.Ear to ear around forehead:

Hold the tape at your temple ahead the ear. Bring the tape upward around 1.5” behind the hairline throughout and then move to the other temple of the ear. When you take this measurement, keep in mind whether you are using specs or sunglasses. 

4.Ear to ear around top of head:

This is taken to know the top of lace wig base. Hold tape at the top corner of your ear and move around the top of head to the other top corner of other ear. This should fit when you put headphones. 

5.Temple to temple over the back of head:

Put the tape at your hairline over the temple area. Ensure that it is in line with your eyebrow. Extend the tape over the back of head to the other temple.

6.Nape of the neck:

This is the final measurement of head for custom lace wig. Get the width of your nape as you may like wearing full lace wigs in the future. Put the tape at one side of nape and move around to the other corner a few inches away.

Wig Size
Head Length
Head Width
Petite (P) /Extra Small (XS)
20 3/4 inches
13 1/4 inches
10 3/4 inches
Small (S)
21 1/4 inches
13 3/4 inches
11 inches
Average (A)/Medium (M)
22 inches
14 1/4 inches
11 1/2 inches
Average to Large (A/L)
22 1/2 inches
14 3/4 inches
11 3/4 inches
Large (L)
23 inches
15 inches
12 inches
Extra Large (XL)
24 inches
15 3/4 inches
12 1/2 inches

Thus, you have taken all measurements of your head. Do it two more times to ensure that it is right. Once you get the precise and constant measurement, go for buying your ideal custom lace wig.

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