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Lace Front Wigs

Isis Synthetic Lace Front Wig RCP-709 Catwalk 6Bobbi Boss 100% Pure Remi Human Hair Lace Front MHLF-F
  • If there is one style of wig that is extremely popular all around the world than that is the Lace Wig. Immaterial of whether it is the Full Lace wig or the Lace Front Wig, a lace wig has been popular in the past and continues to be so.
  • In general the change in fashion as we may call it today began a long time ago. Some might even call it the evolution of fashion since there were several changes that took place over the years (dating all the way back to 69 BC) in how people, especially women dressed and used accessories to enhance their appearance.
  • For example in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is known to have won the hearts of many successful men with her stunning looks. This was a lot to do with wigs as well. In fact many other women also followed suit using lace wigs to bring dramatic changes to their hair; like from long to short or vice versa, and to blonde or dark red.

How popular are wigs now?

  • Wigs were popular in the past and were worn for many different reasons, by people in many different places around the world. For example some wore it to keep their heads warm, some for fashion and at one point in time it was even worn as a status symbol.
  • Then came a time when it was worn by on Celebrities. In fact these were fancy wigs that only the celebrities could afford. However these days wigs are worn by lots of people all around the worn and they are more affordable.
  • For example a recent study conducted by AliExpress (a popular ecommerce site) stated that on an average American people spend $500 - $600 on wigs and hair extensions. The demand for wigs is gradually increasing across several countries like U.S., U.K., EU and Africa.
  • There are many types of wigs that are popular and the Lace wigs in spite of being slightly pricy are still quite popular.

Characteristics of a Lace Front Wig

  • A lace front wig is designed with a sheer lace base and can be made from either human hair or synthetic hair. The hair is in fact tied to the sheer lace base manually.
  • There is also the option of having a full lace wigs, these are wigs that have a base that is entirely made up of lace.
  • However the lace front wigs are more common, where only the front only the sheer lace at the front is visible and the rest of the wig is made from material that is not as fragile as the lace and thus does not easily rip or tear.
  • There is an advantage using the full lace wig though since it can easily be styled to make a pony tail. If the same was attempted with a lace front wig it would be obvious that the person is wearing a wig, since with lace front wigs the lace is only in the front half of the wigs.
There are many lace front wigs that are popular, here are few of them listed below:
  • Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig
  • Beshe Synthetic Lace Front Wig Tori
  • Beshe Syntehtic Lace Front Wig Drew
  • Beshe Drew Lace Wig
  • Beshe LW-Drew Lace Wig
  • Elevate Styles Beshe Drew

How is it worn?

  • A lace front wig can be attached and worn with the help of adhesives like glue and tapes. The glue is usually applied in the front hairline area and once the glue has dried the front lace section of the wig is attached to the area.
  • This bonds the hair tightly and keeps the lace wig in place at all times. Some of the lace front wigs may also have baby hair around the temple which is generally good to conceal the natural hair and lace hairline to make sure that the wig is hard to detect.
  • The lace front wig attached is this manner usually remains bonded correctly for at least a week.

Buying from Elevates Styles makes all the difference

  • Elevate Styles is an e-commerce website where there is no dearth of choices when it comes to selecting a wig.. However since there are many to choose from it can get confusing at times.
  • They have a large collection of wigs including the Drew wig by Beshe and several other lace front wigs.
  • However to clarify details about the wigs so that you know what is right for you it is possible either browse through the numerous products available online or contact Elevate Styles for assistance via he customer Form available online.

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