Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feel Like an Empress with Long Wavy Hair

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After wearing straight hair for a while are you in the mood for something new? Then long wavy hair may be right for you.

How to manage long hair?

Here are a few tips and you are good to go:
  • Use mild wig shampoo
  • Rinse with a lukewarm water, hot water can cause damage.
  • Apply conditioner and keep it in for at least 7 minutes, do not apply conditioner on the scalp, but on the lower parts of the hair
  • Pat hair with a clean towel.
  • Air dry your hair and give a wavy look to your hair.
Maintaining your hair pieces by cleaning and conditioning them on occasion is good practice.

Here are some long hair style ideas:

  • Centered part long wavy hair.
  • Beach style with extra waves.
  • Go chic with messy look, a little undone is in
  • Dark Golden blonde tone can never go wrong

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