Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeping it Real: How Does Your Hair Help You Maintain Your Versatility?

Keeping it Real: How Does Your Hair Help You Maintain Your Versatility?
Hello, ladies! Today’s topic is our versatility. What is It, how do we maintain it and how to keep from losing it! As women, being versatile is a basic necessity. We are mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, friends, and sisters – we are constantly accommodating, providing, nurturing and loving others. It’s not an easy job by far, but most of us manage to pull it off. How do you balance your hectic life and still keep your look fresh and versatile?

Webster’s Dictionary defines versatility as:
-        Changing readily
-        Turning with ease from one thing to another
-        Having many uses
For the women who can go from voluptuous curls and volume at work, to rolling up their sleeves, pulling their hair back into a ponytail and fixing the flat tire they just got – being versatile is just a way of life. What products do you use to keep your hair ready at your beck and call?  (Ponytail pictured: Beshe Synthetic Wig PT-24HT-PONYTAILS)

To be sure, there are numerous products out there to keep your versatility in full swing. If you’re like me ladies, you know that most often, you hair fits your mood. Maybe one day you’re feeling sexy, while another you just want to be carefree. Other times, our hair needs to fit the occasion – work, school, sports venues, romantic dinners, PTA meetings – its enough to drive a diva crazy!
Keeping your hair versatile involves being able to change your look on a whim. Do you use wigs to go from short hair to long, or vice versa? Do you like colored highlights, but are afraid to dye your own hair? Keep your natural hair color and opt for a weave of a wig with a subtle color change; it gives you a chance to experiment with color and not risk damaging your own hair.
(Pictured above: Que by Milkyway 100% Human Hair Master Mix Natural Super Bulk Braiding Hair 18")
Change flat hair into big hair, sport a neat bob or let it lay long and wavy! It’s easy to stay versatile when you have all your beauty needs at your fingertips…
Luckily for us, Elevate Styles has everything a diva needs to take her hair and makeup to the next level. From dazzling hoop earrings, to skin care products and nail polish, to the latest in wigs, weaves and other hair necessities. Elevate Styles challenges you to take your hair to the next level. Why not elevate yourself and take your hair and beauty to new heights?
Before I part ways with you, take a moment to check out this awesome YouTube video showcasing yet another way to have versatility with your hair. Once you’ve seen the dramatic change you won’t believe your eyes! It’s featuring Beshe Lady Lace #31….come on ladies and enjoy some great hair tips that you can start using right away – ‘sho ‘nuff!
Check out this You Tube video:
Until the next time….may your tresses lead the way to new adventures and triumphs!

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