Monday, May 13, 2013

L-Part Invisible Wigs: Your Hair’s New Best Friend

Drum roll, please. The hair industry’s latest and greatest gift to all hair lovin’ women across the globe is the L-Part Invisible Wig. A wig, you say? Yes, but not just any wig. This is one that eliminates hours of painstakingly braiding and sewing – and trying to get your part just right so that your hair will blend in flawlessly. Those days can now be put behind you!

Equal 100% Human Hair Wig CHRISTY

Equal 100% Human Hair Wig CHRISTY - $ 17.88

What is an L-Part Invisible Wig?
An L-Part Wig is one where tracks are glued or sewn directly into the wig piece, there is an opening in the shape of L that forms your part. It is through this part that your natural hair will be pulled through, allowing you to style it over the wig and look totally diva-licious! It’s called invisible because you don’t see the tracks or the wig because your natural hair covers that. Thus, the L-Part Invisible Wig!

What can you do with an L-Part Invisible Wig?

Everything! The absolute best part about these wigs is their versatility. Put it in and take it out in a matter of minutes. And it’s up to you if you want to braid your entire head or not. Ultimately, you may want to braid the hair around the part opening. Whether you attach the wig with clips, bobby pins, hair glue or simply sew it on, is entirely up to you. This is great for ladies who need or want to wash their hair often and don’t want the time consuming task of taking out a bunch of tracks!

Other than that, you can cut and style them as you would your normal hair. Even synthetic L-Part Invisible wigs can withstand heat up to 400ºF.

Elevate Styles has a gorgeous L-Part wig in some pretty awesome colors, like these two styles shown below: Cherry and Kerry. Both come in several tantalizing colors to help your rock the most sexy and diva-tastic look ever!

Finding a Quality L-Part Invisible Wig

It’s true that there are many videos, tutorials, etc for those do-it-yourself-ers. But making an L-Part wig and buying one, are two different things. For one reason, if nothing else, when you purchase an L-Part Invisible part wig, you are receiving a quality and tested item. Most are hand tied and their quality is guaranteed, whereas if you make one yourself and make a mistake when gluing or sewing a track down, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

The best thing is to purchase one, if a defect is found or it’s the wrong color, etc, you can safely and easily return it and exchange it for what you need.

Shhh!! It’s Our Secret!

No one will have the faintest clue that you are wearing a wig. The L-Part Invisible part wigs create the illusion that all of your hair is naturally flowing from your crown. Be sure to leave an ample amount of your natural hair out for the part opening. Play with different styles, too – twirl it, curl it, flip it. Send us your pictures and show the world your L-Part tresses!!

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