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What Are the Different Types of Wigs?

  • There are many different reasons for women to wear a wig. It covers thinning hair, adds a completely different hairstyle, or when acting and even in a party it you can pick a wig that goes with your costume.
  • There are many types of wigs to choose from in retail stores, specialty wig shops, like
  • The synthetic may be the choice of many women who are on a tight budget.
  • Those with a larger budget can purchase a natural or human hair wig. Choosing the human hair wig will ensure that a wig looks as natural and realistic as possible.
  • Wigs are made in three different ways as listed here they are, stock, semi-custom, and custom made.
  • It is necessary to take accurate measurements so you can find the right size wig to wear. It always pays to learn more about the material of the wigs prior to actually buying a wig.

 Synthetic Wigs

Motown Tress Synthetic Wig Stella

Motown Tress Synthetic Wig Stella - $ 27.88

  • The synthetic fibre wigs then to be less expensive and are made from fibre like acrylic and nylon. Needless to say that these wigs are machine made, mass produced, and very durable.
  • They can be purchased in many different styles, such as curly, wavy or straight. It is even possible to style some of these wigs are home itself.
  • Some of the higher quality synthetic wigs look and feel almost the same as human hair wigs. You should always avoid exposing their synthetic wigs to high temperatures, as most synthetic fibres will melt under such circumstances.
  • Some special synthetic fibre wigs can be styled using blowing dryers and curling irons.
  • It is also possible to get their synthetics dyed to match their hair color. These wigs dry faster. At times it is better to purchase a synthetic wig as opposed to a poor quality human hair wig.
  • The synthetic wig looks a lot better than a rough human hair wig.
  • The major drawback may be that such synthetic wigs wear out very fast and last barely six months. In general the short hair wigs will tend to last longer than the long hair wigs.

Natural Wigs

  • Amongst Natural hair wigs there is a lot of variety of hairs like human hair, horse hair, wool, or buffalo hair.
  • These wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs. If made well, the human hair wig is the best quality wig on the market.
  • The European Hair Wigs are the highest quality, but at the same time are also the most expensive. However, quality is a concern even with the Natural wigs.
  • Poorly constructed human hair and other animal hair wigs are tangled easily and don’t look real.
  • The highest quality natural hair wigs are hand-tied with strands matched together so that the shafts of hair are all pointed in the same direction. This makes it a lot easier to style the hair.
  • The machine made wigs are less expensive and are not sorted to ensure that the direction of each strand is facing the same direction.
  • To make the hair on these wigs more attractive and easier to style, they are processed. First, the hair is treated with a base solution to partially dissolve the outer cortex.
  • The hair color is removed by applying bleach and then dyed to appropriate color.
  • These wigs are then coated with a synthetic resin finish to restore the hair’s strength and luster.

Remy Hair Wig

Motown Tress 100% Human Indian Remi Hair Wig HIR - Petra

Motown Tress 100% Human Indian Remi Hair Wig HIR - Petra - $ 148.88

  • Remy hair wigs are human hair wigs that have the cuticle still attached at the ends and aren’t processed. Such wigs are also called, "virgin hair" or "cut hair" wigs.
  • Remy wigs are also sorted,so they are all facing the same direction. They feel very soft on touch and .
  • Remy Hair Wig last a long time and are very durable because they retain a lot of their natural strength.
Selecting the best wig can be done by taking many factors into consideration. There are many type of wigs available as explained in this article.

Most wigs are made from wefts of hair or synthetic fibre. A weft is a ribbon or string of hair which have sewn closely together in strands. These are then either machine sewn, hand sewn or even hand tied into the cap.

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L. Jess

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L. Jess - $ 39.88
Monofilament wigs

These are either nylon or polyester micro mesh into which individual strands are hand tied. The material provides an very good illusion of skin by revealing the wearers scalp color through the mesh. The hair can be brushed or parted in any direction thus providing a very versatile and natural look. It is recommended for those who have sensitive scalps or have a total hair loss since the material is much softer than the standard cap. The Monofilament wigs are made from a partially hand tied monofilament cap or at times from a wefted cap as well. At time the monofilament wigs are completely hand tied on the monofilament mesh. A fully hand tied monofilament wig  is very natural looking wig which also tends to be more expensive as they utilize the micro mesh and hand tied fibres all over. The Mono Filament top wig is as less costly solution since only the top is constructed from the mono Filament. It is available for those who want the mono filament look without the of the monofilament wigs. The wigs are usually built upon a wefted cap and include a thin inset of plastic where the part or small portion of the top or an even smaller portion sometimes called a skin crown.

Lace Wigs

Motown Futura Lace Front LFE- Liz

Motown Futura Lace Front LFE- Liz - $ 24.98
Full lace wigs have a similar construction to monofilament wigs where they are constructed on a fine lace base (usually French lace). These wigs are usually always custom made to fit the exact specification provided by you.

Full Lace Wigs

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Daze

Motown Synthetic Lace Front Wig L Daze - $ 31.88
lace front wig is made from very fine French lace wig in the front and consists of a more sturdy construction material behind. Such kind of wigs look very natural an provide the most natural hairline in the front.

Honeycomb or Pull Through

Honeycomb or Pull through wigs are very useful if you have thinning hair; in fact it would be the best choice in such a situation. These wigs are designed such that they have large spaces in which you can pull your own hair. You can choose a complementary shade and even add both volume and highlights. In most of the cases these are held in place with small clips or combs.

¾ or ½ Wigs

These kinds of wigs have caps which generally cover either three forths or half of the head. This thus only exposes the front hairline. The way these wigs are designed they allow you to use your own hair to blend into the wig and are usually held in place with combs or clips.

Banana Comb

A banana comb is a two piece comb of which one end is permanently connected and the other closes with a snap clip.

Claw Clip

Interlocking rounded combs that open and close by squeezing are called claw clips. It attaches a hair piece at the crown

Drawstring attachment

This piece has a drawstring which forms a pocket to tighten for a secure fit.

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