Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why should you wear wigs? – Reasons and buying guide

Wearing a wig includes many reasons that varies according to the type and use of wig selected. Today, more women choose to wear synthetic or human wigs either to change their look temporarily or due to some health issues such as cancer medication, hair fall, baldness, etc. Regardless of reasons, hair experts say that a wig must be selected after taking many things into consideration. Both men and women are beauty conscious, these days. They give much care and importance to hair because it is the significant element, enhancing their beauty and appearance. Wigs are capable to make or mar your total look and you may envy those who have healthy and shining hair.

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More than men, ladies are very disturbed with hair loss or hair fall affair. This is mainly because of hormonal changes that imbalance a woman’s life and leads to hair fall. Other important reasons for hair fall includes erratic routine, stress, tight and irregular work schedule, etc. Women with drinking and smoking habits are also experiencing hair fall. Hence, they use to wear wigs to look better. There are many wigs and brands available to choose from and so, you will need a wig buying guide that help you choose the best and perfect wig for you.

Wigs for cancer patients 

Cancer patients are the major consumers of wigs, these days. Patients who undergo chemotherapy might experience excessive hair fall and it is not possible to stay bald or look ugly because of hair fall. Cancer patients are given special wigs in the market to choose that give a natural look and indistinguishable for others to find that you are wearing a hairpiece. However, you have to keep in mind a few things while buying a wig. If you are buying a wig for a cancer patient, don’t choose a normal one that will just covers the baldness of patient. The facial feature and physique and even complexion of the patient must be considered.

Wigs for different complexions 

People with dark complexion need to be careful when choosing a hairpiece. Buy a wig that suits your skin tone. All color wigs will not look good on dark complexion and face shape has also to be considered while choosing length and shape of the wig.

Consider the type of wig

Generally there are two types of wigs available – human and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair extensions can be curled and ironed according to your tastes but you can’t do the same with synthetic hairpieces. Therefore, you have to choose from these two types depending on your requirements. Most people choose synthetic hair wigs because of its low-cost rates. However, give prime importance to your needs than cost when buying a wig.

Where to buy a wig?

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There are many shops offering both synthetic and human hair wigs at different price rates and varying quality. Many brand new wigs are also available to choose from. Though offline shopping is more personal, you can get amazing discount offerings and immense collection on wigs, if you go online. Browse the web world for shops selling hair extensions. You can find shops selling a variety of wigs including short, black, long, blonde and more at different price rates. Search a shop that has been selling wigs for long time period. Make a thorough research and understand how to take care of wigs before buying. Hope this wig guide will help you get the most out of buying a wig.

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