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In depth about Human hairs Wigs

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There are many types of wigs available however there are only two popular ones. Human hair wigs are is one of the more popular type of wigs around. Many different styles of wigs area available as human hairs wigs.
For example the Full lace wigs are also available as human hairs wigs. The full lace wigs are known to cover the entire head and mimic the natural growth of hair as well. Thus if you select this human hair wig it will be almost undetectable as a wig since most will mistake it for natural hair.
The source of human hair is usually one the several Asian countries like India, China, Malaysia although South America is also a good source for human hair wigs.

Benefits of using human hair wigs:

The human hair wigs mimic real hair in feel, style and appearance. Hence it is easy to fool almost anyone. Even an hair stylist may find it hard to detect that it is a wig until they get their hands on the wig. 

There is no dearth of styles of wig colors when it comes to human hairs wigs. All kinds of wigs styles and natural colors are available.

Wearing the wig:

The wig is usually glued to the perimeter of the head since this helps create a very natural looking hairline and hair parting. However the method of wearing a wig may differ depending on hair style of the wig.
The human hair wig can also be applied using tape and liquid adhesives. In general liquid adhesive is preferred since they are gentler on the skin and the wig too. But the drawback of liquid adhesive is that if you are one of those people who sweat a lot or often wet the wig while wearing, bonding will not last very long. Hence in such cases it is better to go with Acrylic glue since it is more secure and holds on to the skin.
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Wig Maintenance:

Human hair wigs do not demand a lot of maintenance, although if one would compare them to the synthetic wigs they are high in maintenance. The human hair wigs need to be brushed and combed gently every often. It is vital to take care while combing and always follow the action of combing from bottom and working towards the roots. The human hairs wigs can sustain heat to a great extent and hence it is fine to use hair styling tools. However when washing the wig it is best to do so in lukewarm water instead of hot. Wait for the wig to dry before styling it.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

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