Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Picking a Wendy Williams inspired wig as your next wig

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Wendy Williams wigs have grown in popularity over the years. They received a great deal of exposure last year during the birthday of Wendy Williams and hence were placed into the lime light then. It was her 50th birthday last year (July 2014) and it was celebrated in a big way on the Wendy Williams show. The highlight being the Wendy Williams wig collection. In fact a series of 50 different wigs were portrayed to celebrate her 50th birthday.

About Wendy Williams in brief:

Wendy Williams full name is Wendy Williams-Hunter although she is better known by her maiden name Wendy Williams. She is many things, an actress, a comedian, an author and even an media personality from America. She hosts a popular talk show called 'The Wendy Williams Show'.
She has written several books including her autobiography. More importantly she has created the Wendy Williams wig product line which is called the Wendy Williams Hair World. She also a apparel product line to add to her achievements.
She has won several awards over the years at many different times during her career. Some of the more popular ones are:
  • Radio personality of the Year from Billboard
  • National Radio Hall of Fame (2009)

Wendy Williams Hair world:

Wendy Williams has very strong and unique outlook on what a wig should be. According to her there should be the right type of wig available for anyone and everyone who wants to wear one. Hence she has a collection of wigs that include those of many different styles, colors that can be suitable for a wider range of people. Besides which she has wigs ranging from extremely affordable to very expensive as well.
Wendy Williams puts is perfectly that better explains what Wendy Williams Hair World is all about: "Beauty is about Diversity, No matter what their style, attitude or skin tone, all women are beautiful and my goal with this line is to help them look and feel their best". 

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