Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diva in the Summer Heat

by Sommer Little
Okay, so the weather has warmed up and it is time to start thinking about what you want to do with your hair this summer. It’s a little difficult to enjoy your day at the beach or the pool when your hair starts to frizz up and dry out in the intense heat. And you start to feel and look a little bit like a matted poodle or worse. Here are a couple of good suggestions for keeping your hair neat and pretty while enjoying the humid temperatures of the summer:
Braid It!
Braiding hair is a good solution to dealing with the melting temperatures of the summer. From cornrows to kinky twists, braiding styles are always a popular and easy solution to the summer hair woes. For two yeas in the summer I would get my hair braided into what is called tree braids adding in wet and wavy extensions for body and length. This style always turned out beautiful and I received many compliments for its natural appeal.
 If you have a sensitive scalp or very fair skin braids may not be for you, because the sensitive skin on your scalp can be irritated or burned by harmful UV rays.
Weave It!
            A partial weave may be the best idea for the summer depending on your hair length and type. With a full head weave it may become unbearable in the summer heat as your scalp will be inaccessible not only from the harsh sun but from the cool refreshing breeze as well, but if you feel that you won’t get overheated and will appreciate the protection from the sun, by all means weave it!. But for those who just want to add a little bit of length to their own hair and don’t want the heat of a full head weave clip on extensions or braiding in extensions may be the best choice.
Weaving hair is a little riskier due to the fact that getting your weave wet may not be the best idea in an uncontrolled environment, like the beach. It is a little less risky if you were to avoid getting your hair wet while at the beach or the poolside.
Wig It!
So the next viable option for those who want to look goo this summer is a wig. Now wigs I expressly don’t recommend wearing them to the beach or to the poolside unless you are very tolerant of the heat and are not planning on swimming or getting wet any where above your waist. I wouldn’t recommend swimming with a wig on for obvious reasons.
If you have heat sensitivity, you may not want to wear a wig due to the fact that your head will be covered and will get hot underneath the wig.

Anyways, whatever solution you choose the best way to protect you head from the sun is a sun hat, which of course will go with any and all of these hairstyle solutions. So get out and enjoy the summer while looking like the queen you are. Enjoy your Summer and always stay beautiful.