Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warm Tone, Hot Woman

By Sommer Little:
It is always a difficult thing deciding what color to dye your own hair and what color wig or hair to get to compliment your skin tone.  As you may have seen from Rihanna’s red-hot hair to Beyonce’s golden tresses…color is the way to go.  Warm colors look great on women of color. Whether they are bold warm colors or elegant shades of gold or brown, they will compliment your natural skin tones. A professional colorist once told me never go too light or too dark when it comes to hair coloring, try to stay in neutral tones unless you are going for an outrageous look.
In the case of Rihanna the color she chose is a quite unnatural red but somehow she pulls it off. This color however I believe is not for everyone, but if you are desperate to strut your stuff with a fire engine red coif, here is what you can do to make it happen. You can either go and dye your hair a similar color or if you want to avoid permanently going red, buy a wig or weaving hair in 130 color which is very similar to Rihanna’s daring look.

Beyonce is one of those few women who I believe can look good in almost anything. She has been wearing her hair a golden blond for some time now and never ceases to amaze me with her radiant beauty. Queen Latifah, another golden skinned and haired beauty wears a similar color that makes her complexion shine like the sun!  If you want to try wearing a beautiful golden color like Beyonce or Queen Latifah, try either going to a colorist or dyeing it yourself, or for an easier and less permanent option buy a wig or install a weave. When choosing a wig color go for a 27, P2/27/33, F237, or F437 which should blend nicely to create a similar golden goddess effect.
Tyra Banks someone I consider to be a beautiful woman inside and out has worn almost every shade of brown blond or red you can imagine, but I especially like the color of her hair in this photo. Her hair is a vibrant brown, giving her skin a flawless luminosity. This is a much more complicated dye job but can easily be recreated with weaving hair or a wig. For this color try buying the hair in P4/30.

These hair colors look beautiful on women of color and I would love to be daring and dye my hair Rihanna’s flaming red, but alas I still lack the confidence. I can definitely pull of Tyra’s beautiful browns and look forward to trying it. Visit Elevate Style.com to explore your options on different hair lengths layers and cuts in wigs and weaving hair. If you opt to dye your hair either visit a professional colorist or try Clairol Textures and Tones for a do-it-your-self dye job. Remember with pride, confidence, the right makeup and accessories you can pull off your look whenever and wherever you want.

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