Monday, June 20, 2011

First Hair Weave Experience

by: Sommer Little
Suggestions, suggestions please, I am going to attempt my first full head weave single handedly armed with any suggestions, help or advice that any of the Elevate Styles Women have to give. Yes, I know this is an arduous task and will take many hours and will most likely leave me with a sore head and arthritis, but I am willing to risk it all in order to defeat this giant of hair styling wonders. I have never worn a full head sew in weave before just braided extensions, hair pieces and clip-on’s, now is the time to attempt such a feat while I still have the mind to. I never really have figured out how to braid the back of my head…. another difficulty that must be overcome, along with sewing in the weave itself.
I am sure those of you who have been so blessed at one point as to be able to figure out how to sew in a weave to perfection have plenty of advice on how to install it and how to care for it. I am asking if you, the readers, have ever done a full head weave and what are your experiences learning and mastering this artful technique and how on earth did you maintain it and look so spectacular!  Please leave suggestions so that I too can  look as fabulous as you all.


  1. B-DAy BAsh! Hey April, I love your style & Happy Birthday!

  2. B-DAy BAsh! Hey April, I love your style.

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