Friday, September 6, 2013

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs: Flattering Finds for Fall 2013 from It’s a Wig

Can it really be that fall is just around the corner? Can it be true that we are headed for milder temperatures, colorful piles of leaves to jump in and easier hair maintenance? Yes, it is so! And I’ve got some sensuous, sexy, flirty and downright flattering hairstyles just in time for the autumn season. And these looks are all within your budget – a relief when you are headed towards the holiday shopping season.

So let’s embrace fall 2013 with color, style and diva-power to keep you looking your best whether you’re at work – or play.

Sport the Short

Oh yes, ladies. Short human hair wigs are rockin’ their way into the autumn season. Short hair is low maintenance and looks great of many different face shapes. Add some color and you’ve got the makings of true diva style. Using a human hair lace front wig just makes it super easy to keep your looks hot and your effort low!

Feast your eyes on these hot, chic short styles – all featuring human hair lace front wigs – for that unbelievably high profile diva look that you want, without all the time and effort. And, less than what you probably pay for your cell phone bill each month!

It’s A Wig – 100% Human Hair – Echo

It’s A Wig – 100% Human Hair – Echo

Girl, get your sexy on! This wig style (Echo) has soft curls that frame your face and really brings out your facial features. Wear it and hold your head up high, diva, work it!

It’s A Wig  - 100% Human Hair Wig – Cynthia

It’s A Wig  - 100% Human Hair Wig – Cynthia

Ouch! Your look is so hot, you’re on fire ladies! Enjoy a natural looking wig that not only feels good on your head, but commands respect. This look is perfect for work, school, and late-night dance parties. And at this price, you can afford to have more than one in a different color. Party hard!

It’s A Wig – 100% Human Hair Wig – Theresa

It’s A Wig – 100% Human Hair Wig – Theresa

Stop the presses!! Diva on the scene! Beautiful color, perfect length, real human hair  - AND – it’s a wig? Yes ladies, the hair gods have smiled down upon us and given us this soft and sensuous wig for every occasion.

Go Longer with these Powerful Lengthy Locks

Short human hair not your thing? No worries, Elevate Styles has got you covered. Drum roll, please, for these longer, stronger lengths that will help you put everyone in your presence under your spell. That’s what a diva does, right?

It’s A Wig – Remi Human Hair Lace Front - Jewelry

It’s A Wig – Remi Human Hair Lace Front - Jewelry

Exceptional detail has gone into this wig, made with 100% Remi Human Hair. And you know ladies, with Remi hair, you just can’t go wrong. Soft to the touch, luxurious, long-lasting and hand-crafter – all for you to look fashionably beautiful while you shop for those Christmas gifts or visit your family during Thanksgiving. An investment in your hair is an investment in yourself. Think “early Christmas gift”!

It’s A Wig - 100% Human Hair Lace Front – Bobos

It’s A Wig - 100% Human Hair Lace Front – Bobos

Lovely waves entrenched in soft highlights make this lace front wig a must-have. Just past the shoulder and styled perfectly for those women who want to show off their beautiful face – that’s you diva.

Try some of these cool fall looks and drift into autumn with one less worry – your hair! Human hair lace front wigs have a natural looking hairline, so no one will be the wiser! And because they are human hair, they’ll last through months of washing, drying, styling, even dyeing. So get out your best dinnerware, holiday decorations and let Elevate Styles handle the rest. Behind every great diva, is Elevate Styles.

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