Friday, September 20, 2013

Wigs, Weaves & Braids: Your Status Hair

History Lesson
Research has shown that even centuries ago hair was a symbol of status for Africans/Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and countless others ethnicities. Today it still is. There are many practices that we, as black women still use today. Our beautiful ancestors were not strangers to ponytails, hair “gel”, even combs. They dyed their hair with henna, used sweet smelling oils and even curled their lovely tresses with makeshift curling tools. And…yes, they did wear wigs and extensions!

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Even then, our hair was important to us. It made a statement. It gave us a status. From overly expressive, simple and meek, to elaborately adorned with gems, flowers or shells; our black hair set us apart from others. In the past, if would indicate our marital status, or financial status, or how socially acceptable we were. Today, we are still making a status statement with our hair – so, what are you telling the world about yourself? What is your ideal status hair?

You Are Always You

Milkyway 100% Human Hair Braiding Super Bulk 18" - $ 59.88

As black women, we know and understand that our hair doesn’t change who we are. You are always you. Whether you are sporting a messy ponytail, a masterfully sculptured bun, dozens of tiny little braids or a natural afro – your morals don’t change, you still bake cookies the same – right?

We are diva enough to know that the core of us stays the same, but we can be dynamic, even selective, about how we want the world to see us. We’re not selling out if we want to wear a wig one day and our natural locks the next. There’s no book that says we can or can’t relax our hair, or use hair gel or dye our hair blue.

Wig On – Weave In – Braided Up – Au Naturelle

  Model Model Synthetic Full Cap Wig Carmen - $ 17.88

Inside every one of us – is a diva, a mother, a role model, a nurturer, a provider, a motivator, a teacher, a businesswoman, a sister, a friend. We are powerful women inside and out. And while we start each day fresh with a new journey, we can make a statement about ourselves. We show the world that we’re powerful. That we can be sensuous, carefree, playful…smart.

At Elevate Styles, we love bringing our customers the tools they need to create their status hair. With hundreds of products in varying lengths, colors and styles, and all the tools you need to keep it all looking fabulous, we’ll help you make your statement. So, go ahead, wear that synthetic wig, or strut in your human hair weave. Take it easy with braids or embrace your natural style. We’ve got everything you need to pull it all together.

Go to the next level and elevate your style. What do you want you hair to say today?
Visit us at to rock your own status hair!

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