Thursday, September 19, 2013

Looking for the perfect wig

Wigs are worn by many women across the world now and there are many reasons why. These wigs can be in just about any color you wish for and even then look quite natural. They even feel like natural hair thus making it easier for women to wear it, giving them more confidence. Wigs are generally available in many different hair lengths. The can be very short, medium short, medium long or long. Thus you will have no complaints regarding the length of the hair or color.  However, selecting a natural color will be more beneficial since then it will not be detectable. Ozone wigs are such wigs that provide a great many options.

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The type of wig that would suit you also depends a lot on the shape of your face. Thus first check the shape of your face is it once of these: oval, round, square, diamond, pear or oblong. Depending on the shape of your face you can select the wig that would be perfect for you.

Oval:  IF your face is oval you may have observed that an Oval face is more longer that wider and the jaws are narrower than the cheekbones. Since the forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin are proportional the face looks good with just about any hairstyle or length or texture.

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Round: The characteristics of a round face are wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbone. For some people with round faces their neck does appear short. Thus geometric or linear styles will suite a round face. Additionally more height and length is also the way to go.

Diamond: Diamond faces have a narrow chin and forehead. The cheekbones are wider thus the wig’s width needs to be comparatively lesser. In addition to which there should be fullness at the chin line. Height is not for diamond shaped faces and you also keep it short on the sides. In fact the Bob hairstyles will work quite well in this case.

Pear: The main characteristics of a pear shaped face are small or narrow forehead and large jaw line almost like a pouch.  Such a shape is rare amongst women though prevalent none the less. There should be more hair near eyes to the crown of the head. You should void jaw length hair and blunts cuts.

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Oblong: Such faces have very long and narrow bone structure. They also tend to have a long thin neck. Thus you need to have width and fullness at the sides with soft curls and waves.

Thus no matter what the shape of your face, the color of your hair or the length that you feel comfortable with you will always be able to find a suitable wig of your choice. In addition to which you can even select wigs with the right hair style.

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