Friday, October 11, 2013

Are You Wearing A Wig To Work?

Our beautiful sisters are wearing wigs everywhere these days. To special events, family gatherings and yes, even to work. Not too long ago, wigs were nothing more than a mere accessory to your Halloween costume, costume party or reserved for actors and actresses. They were colorful, outlandish and cheap looking.

The quality of wigs is now better than they were even 10 or 20 years ago. Now they are virtually unnoticeable, and come in very appropriate colors to wear to the office. Surprisingly, a significant amount of women wear weaves, wigs or extensions to work almost daily. Why? For several common sense reasons:
  • Shaves time off of getting ready for work
  • Have no “bad hair days”…ever
  • Change your hairstyle when you want – short to long, long to short
  • Cover thinning or balding hair and add volume.
  • Play with different colors and highlights
  • To cover hair dye “mishaps”

Can You Keep A Secret?

So the thing is, do you want everyone at the j-o-b to know you are wearing a wig or is it top-secret? Does your employer even care that you are wearing a wig? Most employers won’t complain, as long as your hair is in line with your company’s dress code. When wearing a wig, you have the freedom to change your hair style whenever you see fit, even brandishing a little highlight of color here and there. Turn heads in your office by wearing a really long wig one day and a really short one the next!

While it can be fun to play around with different looks and hues, not every workplace scenario is ideal for wigs. For instance, if you work in conditions where there are moving parts, such as in a factory, or if you work in conditions of extreme heat, you may want to leave your wig at home to avoid risk of injury.

The vast majority of women who wear wigs to work want to enjoy a variety of hairstyles to change into. However, some women may actually need to wear wigs to work for medical reasons, such as loss of hair from chemotherapy or from their weekend “I’m gonna dye my hair” fiasco!

Also, if your natural hair is damaged severely and you have split ends that lead to your hair being trimmed shorter than what you’d like, a wig is a great way to have fun hair styles while your natural hair grows out.

Just keep in mind that you are at your place of business, so you want to look professional at all times. If there’s ever any doubt, speak with someone in Human Resources, or get feedback from your co workers.

Your can wear the latest looks and style your hair the way you want to with lace front wigs and L-part wigs. These are superb for all your hairstyling needs. You can cut, curl, wash and blow-dry them and they’ll keep looking beautiful for you for months. (And they look like your own hair!)

Elevate Styles supports today’s working woman. We offer a huge variety of wigs, weaves and extensions so that you can always look and feel your best – at work or at play.

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