Friday, October 4, 2013

Rockin’ the Red: New Lace Front Wigs from Elevate Styles

What do love, cherries, nail polish, strawberries, lipstick, flames and Elevate Styles have in common? Vibrant and bold RED!

Oh yes, ladies, we are rockin’ the red in fabulous new Lace Front wigs so you can dramatically change your look in minutes and be off to paint the town any color you’d like. It’s your time now girls, so don’t wait to go crazy with color. No need to try and find the right dye for your hair. These wigs are no fuss, low maintenance and highly glamorous!

Perfect for Girls Night Out or times when you just want to have a little fun and be free!

Eat your heart out Nicki Minaj!

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig London

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig London -$ 32.88

What’s better than Mom’s homemade cherry pie? Our It’s A Wig Bali Lace Front Wig in Cherry Red. It’s oh-so sexy and the full of deep, rich waves. Men will drool and women will turn green with envy. No matter, diva, just strut your stuff and enjoy the exciting and energetic mood this wig puts you in. Feel free to top off the look with a rich red lipstick to really put you at the top of your game.

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig Bali

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig Bali -$ 32.88

Hey Mamacita! Our Lace Front Wig in Brick Red is just what the doctor ordered to brighten up gloomy days, expressing your mood, feel more youthful, and create the stunning look that is just right for soaking up the warm rays of the sun or embracing the colorful change of autumn leaves. This is a wonderful transitional color that goes from summer to fall with ease. Big waves add to this vibrant color and help brighten your face and your day! Heyyyyy!

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig Java

Did you know that you can get SAME DAY SHIPPING?!
We just love to help women pamper themselves and look their best. Like this luscious wig in Wine Red. Deep, rich and luxurious in true diva-style, and because it’s a lace front wig, it looks so natural, that no one can tell it’s a wig. Anyone that gazes upon it will get lost in envelopes of color….ahhhh! It’s the way hair was meant to be.

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig Uptown

You asked for it, so here it is! That vivid, bold and daring color that you can just put on and go. Stop the presses – it’s our gorgeous Purple Red Wig. Think you can’t wear these colors? Think again. This wig is just what you need to go with that outfit you just bought, or bring out that new eye shadow you’ve be waiting to try. Or, what about using it to finish out that sexy, strapless Halloween costume you’ve been eyeing?

Elevate Styles invites you to go crazy with color and walk on the wild side. We’ll help you out by shipping to you the same day you order. How’s that for support?

It's a Wig Synthetic Braid Lace Front Wig Vermont

Stop by for the latest wigs in lace wigs. We have many lace wigs on sale right now!

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