Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Politics of Hair: Setting your own Standards

In the mid-1400s when slaves were brought over to America, they must have met with extreme culture shock. As a people, they were stripped of their identity, and forced to work on fields and in homes and then presented with conforming to what was aesthetically acceptable to slave owners.

Our identity was transformed – not parting ways with who we were, but adapting to the times and situation at hand. We come from kings and queens – so our hair was a status symbol. Our hair was the icon of prosperity, wealth and of class.

Black is Beautiful

One of the great things about being a black woman today is our ability to continue with our versatility and our ability to transform ourselves and evolve into…well, whatever we want - whenever the mood hits us.

Want to get back to your roots? Sport an afro. Want to feel young and free? Don some twisties or a ponytail. Climbing up the corporate ladder? Anything goes. Really.

We no longer settle for the status quo.

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We love ourselves – every color, length and grade of hair. We finally know the REAL secret to being beautiful:

1. Perseverance

2. Education

Love of oneself

4. Love of each other

5. Wisdom

Now – we are comfortable in our own skin. We age beautifully and we live strong and hard.

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We rock our hair slicked down – picked out – swept back or wet and wavy.

There’s no longer an “us” and “them” mentality…we are all sisters. No matter what style we choose, it’s all Black and it’s all good.

There are some that would say we’ve become sell-outs. That natural is the only way to go. But ladies, we love all our looks don’t we? We are each unique – so it doesn’t matter if you jam to Beyonce or Paramore. Or, if you’re light-skinned or dark-skinned. Or, if you sport a weave or a wig or your own curly locks.

The important thing is to set your own standards and not conform to mainstream hair politics.

Where do you stand?

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