Tuesday, November 25, 2014

21Tress Malaysian Wig

21Tress Malaysian 100% Human Blended Lace Front Wig H- Hollywood 21Tress Malaysian 100% Human Blended Wig H - Hopping

The 21Tress Malaysian wigs are available in several different type as mentioned below:
  • 21Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Wigs
  • 21 Tress Malaysian Synthetic Wigs
  • 21 Tress Malaysian Remi Synthetic wigs

21Tress Human Hair Blend Wig:

  • This wig is 100% Malaysian 21 tress human hair wig. It is a Remi Touch wig with VitaminE + organic olive oil one which is soft and tangle free. More over these wigs are save up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • These human hair wigs are not simple regular human hair wigs. The 21 Tress Human Line lasts much longer and gives a more Remy Feel touch.
  • The reason why it is better than human hair itself is the Vitamin E which helps in the breakage of the hair and encourage natural regrowth.
  • Olive oil too is one of the best natural substances present in the hair. It contains monosaturated fatty acids that makes sure the hair is provided with enough moisture. 
  • This is highly popular amongst many women who are usually are praises about it.

21 Tress Malaysian Remi Synthetic Wigs:

  • The 21 Tress Malaysian Synthetic wig is quite a pretty one with high length. The length is up to 26 inches and it comes with adjustable straps and combs. 
  • This wig is perfect for a night out and has a lovely straight across china cut bang. It mimics the Brazilian human hair in texture.
  • Synthetic wigs are known to tangle easily and that is one of the main reason that many stay away from it. However this Synthetic wig does not tangle as much, in addition to which there is very little shedding too.
  • It is highly recommended that you brush the wig regularly and even carry a brush in the purse to do so. Brushing is one of the reasons why it does not tangle.
  • All in all this is one professional wig that is fit for just about any occasion and even fr daily use at the workplace. It can easily be transformed into a clip or a bun.

Elevates Styles can help:

  • When it comes to buying wigs, doing it online is a good option. There are several websites where you can figure out which size is best for you. In addition to which many websites allow you to check how a particular design looks on you even without purchasing them.
  • Elevate Style is an online e-commerce website that has a comprehensive range of wigs. This means you are always going to get more number of options when choosing.
  • Besides you can select from the leisure of your house instead of doing it elsewhere.  Besides having many different wigs it is also possible to order a customised wig of your choice using a form online.

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