Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Make your wig look and feel natural

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More people are wearing wigs each day and even more people will opt for wearing a wig in the future. The people have innumerable reasons for wearing wigs, as stated here:

  • To cover a medical condition, eg baldness, cancer etc.
  • To obtain a new look without the long wait at the hair stylist.
  • Good at parties and other fancy events

There are simply a short list of reasons as to who people were wigs. The secret in getting and being successfully in your aims to wearing it, lays in the method of using it. Here are a few pointer on to get it right: 

Get a natural fit: 

To get a natural fit you need to know the size of your head. Not everyone has the same size just like everyone has a different size hands and legs. There are several methods to measure the size of your head. It can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Place your hair in a bun.
  • Measure the circumference of your head. 
  • Circumference can be measured from middle of the hairline in the front, along your hairline and then back to the middle of the forehead.
  • Place the measure tape at the middle of the hairline in the front and pulling it back over the top of your hair to the nape of the neck and take the measure. This is the length.
  • Also take the measure by setting the end of the tape in front of your ears at the hairline and pull it over the top of your head to the other side to determine the width.

Type of wig:

  • There is nothing like the most natural looking wig. However, there are several types of wigs available like Human hair wigs, Remy Human Hair wigs and even Synthetic Hair wigs. Of the three, two use Human Hair wigs as their names suggest while doesn’t.
  • The synthetic hair wig is completely machine made and there is nothing natural about it. The more natural your wig is the higher the quality and the more it will blend in with your hair.

Customising Your Wig:

  • Since we require different sizes of wigs for our head that all of different sizes; similar and appropriate wigs of different sizes are available in the market. However, even then the wig may not be a perfect fit.
  • The wig is usually a perfect fit only if you get it custom made. On the other hand you can always manipulate your wig by make some modifications like cutting a little and even coloring it.
  • It is easy to cut natural hair wigs, but when it comes to doing the same with Synthetic wigs you will need to may need to use shears to get the job done. Hence it is best to leave such tasks to the professionals.

The Shine factor:

  • If you do select a Synthetic wig you need to take a closer look and check the shine of the wig. If your hair is shining more than usual it becomes obvious that you are wearing wig. In general the Synthetic hair wigs will shine more.
  • There are several techniques that can be used to reduce the shine like applying some cream, dry shampoo or even spray. Thus if you were wondering how to make a Synthetic wig look natural here is your solution.

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