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The difference between Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair Wigs

Beshe Synthetic Half Wig HW-134 21Tress 100% Blended Human Hair Wig H - Jimmy

There are mainly three types of wigs available and the main difference between them being one is made from Human hair while the other from Synthetic fibre like material.

When choosing amongst them the main factors to consider the cost since the higher the quality the costlier they get.  Another factor to consider is the purpose of use for the wig, in the sense is it for daily use of occasional wear.

Once you are certain why you want the wig and how much you want to spend, it is simply a matter of have a close look at the features and properties of both the Human hair Wigs and the Synthetic Wigs to decide which one to opt for. 

Human Hair Wigs:   

Human Hair Wigs  as the name suggests are made from real human hair. Here are a few properties and feature of the Human Hair listed:

  • Human Hair Wigs are made from real human hair.
  • They are very versatile and more durable.
  • These wigs can easily be customised and styled by either trimming them or coloring them.
  • Human Hair Wigs are mainly handmade though some are also machine made.
  • With Human Hair Wigs, each strand is individually sorted to be facing in the same direction.
  • Human hair wigs are thus very soft to touch and rarely tangle.
  • It can be curled and straightened similar to normal hair. This can be done using curl irons or straighteners.
  • These wigs require a lot more care and need to be styled similar to your own hair.
  • If cared for in the correct method they can last up to a year.
  • These wigs are more expensive but are of higher quality.

Synthetic Hair Wigs:

  • They are thus not very versatile and have limited durability.
  • These wigs are completely machine made and hence are produced together in a large number.
  • They tend to possess and artificial shine, which if seen carefully becomes evident that one is wearing a Wig. The shine can be manually reduced via spray and creams though.
  • There are limited styling options and usually no kind of styling tool can be used on them too, like the curl iron or the straightener. 
  • They cannot sustain a very high temperatures either and hence care needs to be taken while using these wigs.
  • These wigs on the other hand do not easily lose their shape or curls and hence do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • The can be worn straight out of the box without having to style them.
  • If cared for in the correct method they can last up to 6 months.
  • These wigs thus are comparatively cheaper too.


Thus human hair wigs for women seem the obvious choice at times. However if you do study the differences carefully and have a clear picture of your requirements, you will be in a better condition to decide which one to opt for.

When it comes to buying wigs, doing it online is a good option. There are several websites where you can figure out which size is best for you. In addition to which many websites allow you to check how a particular design looks on you even without purchasing them.

Elevate Style is an online e-commerce website that has a comprehensive range of wigs. This means you are always going to get more number of options when choosing. You can even select from the leisure of your house instead of doing it elsewhere.  Besides having many different wigs it is also possible to order a customised wig of your choice using a form online.

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