Monday, April 27, 2015

Can wigs be made to look natural?

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  • Wigs have been popular amongst many different people right from the beginning. Wigs date back a long way, to ancient times in Egypt as well.
  • Historically wigs were used to keep warm, as status symbol and a fashion statement for few women who wanted to raise their voice and be recognized. It is also worn by people with special and medical conditions.
  • There was also a time when only the celebrities could afford the fancy wigs; however things have changed and now wigs are more affordable and hence a lot many more people are wearing wigs.
  • Hence there are also a lot many more options available when you go out to buy a wig. A good quality wig has the ability to look and feel natural. In most cases with such a wig on, it would be hard for anyone to detect that you are wearing a wig. Even you hair stylist would be fooled until they actually started working on your hair.

Steps to make it look more natural:

At times depending on the wig you choose, it may or may not look natural, hence here are a few steps you can take to make it look a bit more natural:
  • Preparing the wig: It is best to clip all hair back from the edges of the wig so that they do not get caught up when attaching the wig to the head. In fact if you are planning to use adhesive glue, then this becomes a must. At the same time if you are wearing a lace wig, then make sure you trim the lace as close to the hairline as possible without damaging he hairline.
  • Preparing your natural hair: Prior to wearing a wig it is a good idea to prepare your natural hair first. It would be a good idea to braid or flatten the natural hair against the scalp. Making sure that all the natural hair strands are pulled back from the hairline can be quite beneficial. In fact you also have the option of laying the natural hair in a large soft curl again the head.
  • General Preparation: In addition to preparing your hair and the wig it is also a good idea to spend some time on other places like you skin. It pays to treat the skin around the hairline using an alcohol solution on a cotton swab and gently wiping the oil if any from the hairline. What this does is ensures that the wig fits securely to the skin. Additionally it may also be a good idea to use a scalp protector. A wig cap is also quite useful, it covers all the scalp region hence protecting it and also keeps the natural hair intact.
  • Care with Adhesive : Use a make-up brush or a small adhesive stick to apply the adhesive glue to the hairline. Additionally if using a soft bond adhesive it is best to wait for some time after applying the glue and before applying the wig. However if the adhesive is hard bond adhesive the wig can be worn immediately.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

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