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The finer details about lace front wigs to help you pick the right one

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  • Wigs are gaining in popularity especially amongst the women. There was a time when on the celebrities wore fancy and expensive wigs. However in recent times the wigs have become more affordable. There are now a lot of different styles of wigs available from many different brands.
  • One of the popular styles is the lace wig which is growing in popularity. Here are some less known facts about them:
  • Lace is nothing but thin sheer foundation material. This is usually made with honeycomb or hexagonal shaped holes. The holes in a lace are usually of different sizes.
  • These laces wigs also vary in thickness and weight. Besides which they are useful in blending natural colors and hence are available in several colors to match the skin tones.
  • The lace wig was originally designed for theatrical purposes and were meant to be worn on stage where the lighting can be manipulated as desired and not under normal light.
  • Hence the myth that the lace wigs are the best wigs that are available when it comes to the ones that are not detectable or look the most realistic is just a myth, since there is no truth to that belief.
  • The lace base (foundation of wig) is like a lace wig . Here the hair are knotted (hand tied) one strand at a time on to the base foundation. The wefts are used to form the wig.
  • When it comes to picking a wig, if you are a Cancer Patient and are undergoing Chemotherapy or if for people with Alopecia the lace front wigs, Full lace wigs and Glue less lace wigs are off limits. The reason being that their scalp is more sensitive.
  • Wig adhesives are commonly used with lace wigs. Such adhesives are considered unsafe to use by many for various reasons. The truth is that they are generally safe to use however if you are a Chemotherapy patient, it is a good idea to keep away from it since it can cause infections, scalp soreness and irritations.
  • Lace wigs are very popular and there are several kinds too like the super fine Swiss lace. However it is best the new wig wearers stay away from them since they become hard to handle.
  • Many of the wig wearers prefer to keep their wigs on for a longer period of time. However the stage "Film" lace wig which is quite similar to the Super fine Swiss lace wig is not recommended for wearing for long period.
  • The French lace is by far the most popular amongst the lace wigs; it is even more popular and durable than the Swiss and Film laces.
  • At times when constructing a lace front wigs, some manufactures make use of monofilament. This is perfectly ok since it is a durable wig making material and is usually good for medium to heavy hair densities.
  • Welded mono (usually treated with ultrasound) is also used in the construction of the lace front wigs at times. This is useful in providing the slight curve.
  • The German lace is popular and used for heavier densities. This is similar to the French lace though it is slightly stiffer, but at the same time it is also more durable.
  • The Welded lace is not very different from the French, Swiss or German Lace however with this one the lace mesh is treated with ultrasound. This helps in giving a slight curve to the hair.
  • A wig cap can be quite useful when wearing a lace wig. The reason is if you are wearing a lace wig with you natural hair, then there will most likely be a shadow on the base where the hair starts underneath. This can be easily camouflaged with a wig cap that creates a scalp illusion.
  • When it comes to the material used, China uses nylon laces for the lace wig, German lace uses cotton and the hairline illusion uses silk and cotton laces.
  • The lace wigs that are imported from China are usually with shorter cut hair. Hence if you have thick density hair, it will look rather unnatural. Hence many make use of "baby hair" which essentially hair from young donors first haircuts.
  • Lace wigs are not completely invisible. However if you make use of liquid adhesives to attach the lace wig to your hairline, it is likely that the adhesive will fill lace holes and disguise the lace to a greater extent.
  • At the same time, this only means that the lace wig will not be visible in low to normal light. But when outside in the sunlight or bright rooms it is going to be very much visible.
  • If you wish to conceal a wig when inside a studio or on stage (where the lighting can be manipulated) you can also make use of concealer make up foundation to cover the lace and hair knots. But this will not work if you go outside in to the sunlight.
  • It is best to avoid bleaching the knots as far as possible since bleaching the knots will damage the hair and also shorten the life of the wig. Hence if the hair colors is similar to your skin color it is a good idea to avoid bleaching the knots.
  • On the other hand if you do want to bleach the knots, you will need to turn the wigs inside out and apply hair color bleach or make up spray to lighten the knots. The advantage being, they become less visible.
  • It is essential to wash the wig hair, but care should be taken while doing so since it can loose shape or even stretch during the wash. The best way to do it is by placing it on a head.
  • If you were to compare a well made lace front wig to a machine made one, then the lace front wig will be more natural looking. However the trick is in picking a well constructed lace front wig since there are several badly constructed ones available too.
  • The advantage of a lace wig is that they are much lighter than the traditional wigs and the full hair weaves.
  • The lace wigs cover the entire head and hence effectively protect the scalp in more ways that one. Hence if the lace wig is applied correctly without making use of either adhesives or clips they can be a healthier alternative as well.
  • Extreme care needs to be taken while removing lace since the hairline lace is very fragile and can easily rip. In general it is best to avoid using the "Mirror Slide" adhesive removing technique on Swiss and Film Laces.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an ecommerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. There are several lace wigs available from Elevates Styles. Here is a short list of lace wigs you will find on Elevates Styles:
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