Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is a Blend Wig right for you?

21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig H- SisterBobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig Cherry MLF-42
  • When we think of wigs we either think of either human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. In general the women who prefer wigs that are not easily detectable opt for the human hairs wigs and those who prefer wigs that are quick and easy to wear with less maintenance opt for the synthetic wigs.
  • In fact all most every printed matter or published article on wigs will usually mention that when it comes to the type of the wig there are only two types of wigs. That may be true to some extent. However there is one more option for which there is not equal amount of hype. This is called the "Blend Wigs".
  • The Blend Wig as the name suggests is a blend of synthetic fiber and human hair. Thus it is the best of both worlds offering the best characteristics of them both.

Features of Blend Wigs:

  • The style can be changed easily.
  • These wigs are also very natural in appearance and hence hard for the average eye to figure out that one is wearing a wig.
  • These wigs also have the ease of synthetic wigs.
  • The maintenance of such wigs is minimal and hence it is useful for new wig wearers and even the busy women.
  • When it comes to styles, there are many options available.

Brief comparison of the wigs:

  • Styling: When it comes to styling, the human hair wigs are usually the ones with more options. They can be styled in almost way, permed and even colored. The synthetic wigs are known to have many styling options however since they cannot be subjected to a lot of heat. The Blend wigs too have many styling options and can be styled easily.
  • Flexibility: The human hair wigs are the most flexible while the synthetic one are not known to be that flexible.
  • Cost: When it comes to cost, again the human hair wigs lead the pack by being the most expensive of the lot while the synthetic wigs are more affordable.

How Elevate Styles can help you with your choices:

  • When it comes to buying the wigs you can do it from a local store, besides which you also have the option of going online and visiting an e commerce website. Elevates Styles is one such ecommerce website that offers a large collection of wigs for you to choose from.
  • Here you have the ability to pick from a wide range of wigs from the leisure of your home. There are several brands that also have the blend wigs besides human hair and synthetic wigs. Here is a short list of blend wigs you will find on Elevates Styles:
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Cash
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Doll
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Plus
  • 21 Tress Malaysian 100% Human Hair Blend Wig H - Irene.

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