Monday, October 27, 2014

African American Short Wig Styles for Black Women

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  • Wigs are growing in popularity and there is no turning back. The wig that used be worn (and be affordable) to only celebrities are now been worn by other people as well. Thus there is an overall increase in the demand of wigs.
  • Wig are especially popular amongst black women.  In fact the market for Wigs for Black Women is massive.

To give you a rough idea here are facts that were published recently regarding the state of the wig industry.

  • The sales of wigs in both USA and Canada was 200 million in the 1960s
  • The same study done in the 1990s concluded that the sales of wigs USA and Canada had grown to 900 Million.
  • There is more. By the year 2007 the same statistic for the same region was 2 billion.
  • The black hair market which include wigs, weaves, extensions, and wig care products was estimated at 500 billion in the year 2013

These figures speak for themselves and there is little left for me say. Thus it is now needless for me to say that women of all ethnic backgrounds wear wigs. There is a vast collection of African American wigs, hair pieces and extensions around. Several popular brands include Motown Tress, Vivica, Sherri Shepherd, etc.

Women Short Hair Wig Styles:

  • Wigs are a good way to get a new look fast. There are other options but not only do they take longer but they can also cause damage to your hair and also be painful at times.
  • In the case you opt for using chemical treatments there is the potential that it will adversely affect your scalp and eve cause hair loss.
  • All women at some time know would have gone to a hair Solon and know how it is to go to a hair salon. You will get the job done but at what cost.
  • That is both time and money spent to achieve something great. Wigs can drastically reduce both. Opting for wigs can reduce the time and money spent at that salons by a big margin. 

Getting a new look:

  • A wig with a new hair style and color to your existing one has the ability to completely transform the way you look and in fact give you a completely new look. Furthermore all this can be achieved effortlessly by simply slipping on a new wig.
  • Many of us have the urge to change our look and get a new look. Many go till the end of the earth just to make sure they look different. Besides which many people suffering from medical conditions (like those recovering from Chemo Therapy) often desire a new look too.
  • Opting for a wig is the most easiest and common solution to all the problems. Since wigs are available in several colors and styles you will never have to compromise when it comes to choosing the best one for yourself. 


Wigs are becoming very popular in general amongst the Black Women. There are several African American Short wig styles that are growing in popularity. Besides the increase in demand they are also best solution to almost every problem. They happen to be effective, efficient, economical, what more can one ask for. The main advantage is that they do damage your hair either. Elevates Styles is one eCommerce store that is aware of the demand of such wigs and had a large range of options for you to select from.

Besides which if you do not find what you are looking for in the shop online you can always request a wig custom build as per your requirements.

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