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Bobbi Boss Wigs

 Bobbi Boss 100% Pure Remi Human Hair Lace Front MHLF-E  Bobbi Boss Synthetic Easy Wear Half Wig MTQ 57 SHAM [DC]

Type of wigs available in this brand:

  • Fancy and high end wigs used to be worn only by celebrities in the past. You may even have noticed many of your favorite celebrities wearing one. For example celebrities like Beyonce, Rhianna, Queen Latifa and even Jennifer Lopez wear wigs and this is just a couple of names. But that was in the past and it is no longer true in the present.
  • More number of people are beginning to wear wigs and expand their budget to the now affordable fancy and high end wigs.
  • In general people wear wigs for two reasons, either to cover up their medical condition or out of necessity where they desire a new hair style and wearing a wig is a good option. Either way wigs are growing in popularity with more women wearing wigs these days.
  • Not everyone spends a high amount on wigs; that said even the high quality wigs are also at times priced less. In general though there are three main types of wigs, Remy Hair Wigs, Synthetic Wigs and lastly Human Hair Wigs. Here we take a look at them in more details.

Human Hair Bobbi Boss Wigs:

  • Human Hair Bobbi Boss Wigs tend to be more expensive than the other ones and there is a good reason for that too. Human Hair wigs are made from human hair as the name suggests and are usually of high quality.
  • Many of the human hair wigs are handmade although at times they can be machine made too. Each strand of hair is checked to make sure they are in the same direction; thus making these wigs the one with a personal touch.
  • They tend to be more demanding when it comes to maintenance and the better you maintain them the longer they will last. In addition to which these wigs look more attractive and are natural hence very hard to anyone to detect that you are wearing a wig.

Remy Hair Bobi Boss Wigs:

  • Remy Hair wigs are those of the highest quality. They are essentially human hair wigs, but they are never processed.  Since Remy Hair wigs are never processed they still have the cuticle attached at the ends.
  • These wigs are also known by other names like “Virgin Hair” or “Cut Hair”. With Remy wigs to the individual strands are set to facing the same direction.
  • The added advantage being that they are very soft to touch and are tough too. Their toughness comes from the fact that they are allowed to retain their natural strength and hence are also more durable.

Go for a wig-fitting:

  • It is quite natural to get exited once the wig you have ordered online on the Internet store finally arrives or once you come back home and unbox the Wig you have purchased.
  • The first thing most want to do is try it on, wear it and show off their new hair style or wig whichever the case may be to their near and dear ones.
  • The excitement is completely normal. However it is a good idea to not rush into things. As the famous saying goes “Patience is a Virtue”. This is especially true for the first time wig buyers.
  • The first thing you need to do is to know how to handle the wig once you do unbox it. Learning to wear a wig is not very hard and it is easier if you are IT savvy and can view one of the many tutorials videos online.
  • However there is more to it than just slipping it on using one of the several methods at your disposal.
  • This is the reason why there are many professional saloons with real trained professionals who can help you with this task. In fact there are some special wig fitting services for those suffering from Cancer. 
  • These professionals have an eye for tasks like these and are quickly able to figure out how the wig needs to be modified to fit you perfectly.
  • The way it is done includes either cutting off small portions of the wig that are not suitable for the person wearing it, as well as coloring it the way they seem fit. Such tasks are best done by an experienced professional, though it is needless for me to state that many people do attempt to do it on their own to.

How do I know which size to get?

  • If you are in the market for a wig or surfing the many e-commerce website on the Internet for one; the first thing that you should know is what size to get. Just like there are many different size hats and caps available, similarly the wigs too come in different sizes.
  • You need not scratch your head wondering how one measures one’s head. There is actually a well-established method to do that. All this information and more is available from the link posted below:

Which wig style suites by face shape?

  • Your face is your identity to some extent; but it is must more that. The style and fashion items and accessories you purchase are also dictated by the shape of the face.
  • There are many common shapes for faces like diamond, heart, round, etc and it is important to know this since the way you wear your wig truly depends on the your appearance. Though this is a simple issue, more information can be found from the link beneth.                                                                                                                                                                            

Wig wearing tips:

  • Putting on a wig is not as big as a task that it is made out to be. There are several professional wig wearing services available at every block around the town but that doesn’t mean you too have to use them.
  • You are perfectly capable of putting on a wig yourself. There are times when things go wrong or no matter what you do the wig doesn’t look right (as it is displayed on the box). Those are the times you may want to consider a professional service instead of frustrating yourself to the extent where you just want to throw the wig away.
  • On the other hand it is likely that you will find it easy to wear and just need that slight push or support. The article in the link below is just what you need to read then. It provides some vital tips necessary for every on with a wig.

Consider a wig with a liner:

  • A wig can be worn directly on the scalp or either by making use of the wig cap. This wig cap is also called the wig liner.
  • Most of the wigs available usually ship with a wig liner and for those that don’t have one with their wig, it is possible to purchase one separately. But at the end of the day it is usually personal preference as to whether you wear one or not.
  • Many people wear a wig cap since it assists with the wearing of the wig, besides which it prevents from an itching effect on the scalp when wearing the wig. It is usually made up of a very soft material too.

Opt for a totally new look:

  • A wig that has a new hair style form your current one or even a new color for that matter has the ability to completely change your appearance. And all it takes is the effort of slipping on a wig and the next instance you are a completely new person.
  • There are not many of us who do not want a new look at some point in time. There are even who go till the earths end, just so that they look different. Besides which people with a medical condition (those recovering from Chemo Therapy) often wish to have a new link.
  • Wearing a wig is the common answer to getting a new look. Besides which it is also the option that takes the least effort.
  • Wigs are available in several colors. This includes the basic colors as well as the fancy ones. So when it comes to color selection you are usually not going to disappointed. In fact it may be the opposite. With so many different colors options, you are likely to get confused as to which one to opt for. However if you still require more information on this topic refer to the link below.

  • Many different styles of Bobbi Boss wigs are available and in various colors too. Some of the colors that are available are 1, 2, 4, 624, 1B

How do I care for my wig?

Wig too needs proper care and that too frequently. There is a right way and wrong way of doing everything, that includes handling and maintaining the wigs too. It is essential to adhere to the guidelines for each type of wig since not doing so will damage the wig or even render it completely useless. Thus here are a few pointers for the same:

Human Hair Wigs

  • With human hair tangling is often the issue, hence watch out, especially prior to a wash.
  • Soaking a wig in warm water will be very advantageous.
  • Shampooing the wig is not easy but needs to be don’t by a gently rubbing motion using shampoo.
  • Never twist the wig.
  • Never squeeze the wig. The excess water can be removed by gentle dabbing or letting it dry.

Remy Hair Wig:

  • Clean the hair by placing the hair under warm water making sure it is all wet and then using small quantity of shampoo and gently stroking it downwards, but do not rub. 
  • Remove any tangles in the hair prior to doing this.
  • Rinsed under running water and gently dabbed to remove any water.
  • Use the conditioner to spray and you are almost done.
  • Now hang it in order to dry or use a blow dryer all though make sure to keep it on a low setting. 
  • If you do require to style the hair, that too is possible.
  • All you need to do is use steam rollers or wet settings and you can have the style you desire.
  • However the cutting of hair, use of chemicals or perming and coloring are tasks best left to a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are types of wigs? There are three main types and they are Synthetic Hair, Human Hair, and Remy Hair wigs.
  • What is the difference between synthetic and human wigs? The synthetic wigs are lighter and to not need to be reset or re-curled after a wash unlike the human hair wigs. The synthetic wigs have more brilliant colors and are fade resistant. On the other hand the Human hair are heat resistant and do not have an artificial shine like the synthetic ones.
  • What are Lace front Wigs: Wigs that have hand tied mesh fronts where the bangs are located are called lace front wigs. The lace is usually transparent and lays flat on the head and simulates a natural hairline. The hair is not very dense at the crown and often baby hair are tied to the edge to give a illusion that fine hair is growing at the hairline.

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