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The Vanessa Wigs

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Type of Wigs available in this Brand:

There are several types of wigs available in general since women and other people have many different reasons for opting for a wig. At the same time one type of wig is more economical while the others are more expensive. The three main types of wigs that are available are the Synthetic Wigs, Human Hair Wigs and Remy Hair Wigs. However when it comes to Vanessa wigs you have two options as mentioned below:

Human Hair Vanessa Wigs:

  • Human hair Vanessa wigs are usually more expensive than the synthetic wigs but there are always exceptions. That said human hair wigs are of the best quality, but they still need to be constructed in the correct manner and with the necessary skills so that they are up to the standard.
  • They can either be machine made or hand made. The way it works is that the machine made ones are less expensive but the quality is slightly lower. In the sense that the machine made wigs are not sorted. Hence the direction of each strand is not checked. The human hair is also treated to make it more attractive.

Vanessa Synthetic Wigs:


Vanessa Synthetic Lace Front Wig TOP Side AltasVanessa Synthetic Lace Front Wig Top BOLY [DC] 

  • The Synthetic wigs are made from acrylic and nylon like fibre. Hence synthetic wigs do not need to be Man made. The fact that they are not Man made is the main reason they are cheaper than the Human Hair Wigs.
  • Synthetic wigs are machine and mass produced. They are also considered quite durable. The synthetic fibres in general should not be exposed to high temperatures hence that makes it impossible to use a blow dryer or curling irons. However there are some kinds of synthetic wigs where that may be possible.
  • With the Synthetic wigs the shorter versions tend to last longer than the longer hair wigs. That said synthetic wigs do not have a life span of over 6 months.

Go for a wig-fitting:

How do I know which size to get:

The wigs are available in many different sizes since not everyone’s head is the same size. The easiest way forward is to measure your head however a more detailed explanation can be found in the link mentioned here.

Which wig style suites by face shape?

Besides the size of the face, the shape of the face is not the same for all. Thus it is important to select the wig that is best for the shape of your head. This is vital information, especially for the first time wig buyers. The face can be round, diamond, heart shaped etc. hence it is important to check which style suites your face shape. This is explained in a bit more detail in the link mentioned here.

Wig wearing tips:

It is easier than you think to wear a wig. It used to be the tape and glue earlier to fit the wig to your head. Things have changed now, and though some wigs still do require you to use tape and special adhesive, many wigs can be simply fitted on your head using a wig cap, straps, and hooks. A more detailed explanation on this topic can be found in the following link:

Consider a wig with a liner:

The wig liner is nothing more than a wig cap and at time even called that. The reason some people wear it is due their highly sensitive scalps. Using a wig liner on the scalp which is made from an extremely soft material protects your scalp against such issues and can also help with the wearing of the wig itself. Most of the wigs available do have a wig liner as well, however it is possible to buy one too if required.

Opt for a totally new look:

It often happens that a woman would like to change her appearance and get a totally different hair do from the way she currently looks. This is in reference to the style and color. Women who have recovered from Chemo therapy usually do have an erg to get a complete makeover.

Selecting the wig color can get quite difficult at times. Thus it is best to keep it simple and follow your whim. That said it is best for the first time buyers to buy a wig with the same style and color as that of their current hair. For the more experienced buyers choosing a color is easier. As long as you are aware that wigs are a good way to get a new look you will know what color to select. However if you do need more advise on this topic be sure to read more from the link provided below:

Many different styles of Vanessa wigs are available and in various colors too. Some of the colors that are available are 1B, F2315, F2058, F2058, SP 1B/15, SP 1B/331, 2, 4, BT4007, BT/SAND, SP 430.

How do I care for my wig:

A wig needs to be cared for in the correct matter be it Synthetic or Human hair wig. Here is a set of instructions that will help you to be able to do it better: 

Synthetic Wigs

  • Remove the tangles with the help of your fingers or a comb prior to washing it.
  • The wig should always be washed in cold water by adding one teaspoon of shampoo to two quarters of cold water.
  • The wig should be placed in the water and be allowed to soak for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • The wig should than be swayed in an 8 format in order to clean it, but should never be rubbed.
  • To remove the water simply dab it but do no squeeze or twist it.
  • Spray it gently with a conditioner. 
  • As long as the wig is wet do not brush or comb it for any reason. It should be placed on a stand for it to dry.
  • The wig should be washed in regular intervals.

Human Hair Wigs

  • It is necessary to gently remove the tangle with the hand or using a comb prior to washing.
  • The wig needs to be made wet using warm water, making sure it is fully wet.
  • With a small amount of shampoo in your hand stroke the wig from top to bottom so that it affects the entire wig.
  • At no time should the wig be twisted or rubbed and you should also not rub the wig.
  • The wig is then to be rinsed under running water till clean.
  • To remove the water, gently dab it with a towel. Do not squeeze or twist it.
  • Next is turn to spray it with a leave in conditioner.
  • The wig can be left to dry on a strand or you could blow dry it on a low setting of the dryer.
  • The wigs in general should be washed regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a lace front wig?  With Vanessa Lace front wigs, hair is provided at the base with each hair being tied onto the lace. What this does is that it gives an illusion that it is growing out of the scalp.
  • What is used to make the base cap? The base cap is made out of lace materials, like Swiss and French lace.

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