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Janet Collection Wigs

Janet Collection W Dual Part Lace Front Wig EosJanet Collection W Dual Part Lace Front Wig Minerva

Type of wigs available in this brand:

  • There are three types of wigs available like Synthetic hair wigs, Human hair wigs and Remy hair wig.
  • Remy hair wigs are essentially human hair wigs but are of higher quality with subtle differences and thus are also more expensive. Of the three, Synthetic Hair Wigs and Human Hair wigs are more popular.
  • The Synthetic wigs are comparatively lighter since the human hair wigs consist of real hair which are naturally heavier. Besides which since the human hair wigs are natural they have all the natural properties like having to re-curl after a wash etc.
  • It is not so with Synthetic wigs and the Synthetic wigs colors are also more brilliant and do not fade very fast. Although they cannot be exposed to heat like the Human Hair wigs can be.
  • However not all brands have every kind of wig available. As far as Janet Collections of wigs is concerned, they have all the different kinds of wigs.

Janet Collection Human Hair wigs:

  • When it come to the Janet Collection Human Hair Wigs they are amongst the ones with the best quality. They may be more expensive the equivalent in Synthetic hair but are worth every penny.
  • The Human Hair wigs can either be machine made or man-made. The ones that are machine made tend to be cheaper. They machine made ones are also made in a large batches but do not get attention to detail.
  • The hand-made ones on the other hand are individual checked to make sure that all the strands are in the same direction.
  • Thus the quality of the human hair wigs which are man-made tend to be higher. But at the end of the day it is necessary to buy a wig with your eyes wide open since you need to verify the quality first.

Model Model Synthetic Wigs: 

  • With Synthetic wigs there is nothing hand-made. The entire wig along with the hair strands are machine made. They are made using a fiber like acrylic and nylon.
  • They are extremely easy to put on and are also easy to maintain however they cannot sustain in a very hot environment. But they are also more durable and can last up to 6 months.

Remy Hair Wigs:

  • Remy Hair Wigs are never processed. They even have the cuticle attached at the ends. They are made from human hair but here is subtle difference.
  • The Remy hair wig is also called the “Virgin Hair” and “Cut Hair”. Besides which all the strands on this one to will always be facing the same direction.
  • These wigs are very soft to touch and extremely durable since they are naturally strong.

Go for a wig-fitting:

  • A visit to the hair stylist may be common especially if you are a women juggling several roles; like a busy work schedule and managing a house hold too. The hair stylist is the only person who can put your hair in place for that special dinner and that special private party.
  • Many people have begun to realize that it is easier to slip on a wig since it is instant and requires very little maintenance too.
  • There are some of us who also require the help of a professional when it comes to wig fitting. The process is not very hard and there happen to be tons of tutorial videos on the Internet to make it simpler. However the videos can only help to a certain extent.
  • When you do purchase a wig from a store at the market or online on the internet it is of your choice of size and hair style besides color and other factors that you can choose. However, these are not customize wigs and are not going to be an exact fit.
  • Everybody has a different size head and the shape of our face is also different. Depending on these two factors it is possible to buy the best possible fitting wig.
  • In most cases it is only a professional and highly trained person in a saloon who are perfectly fit your wig. Fitting a wig doesn’t simply mean putting on the wig using tape and adhesive or a using a few straps here and there. It also involves cutting of hair and even coloring of hair at times. 
  • In any case if wearing a wig is not you cup of tea then all is not lost and can still buy your favourite wig, because there are several professional saloons which provide the wig fitting service.
  • For the few who are already experts at wearing wig, they will be aware that wearing a wig doesn’t mean simply using tape and adhesive or using a few straps and hooks to put the wig in place.
  • The wigs available in the store online or in the market are of many shapes and size and you need to pick the one that suits you the best. That said the wig hasn’t been made specially to suit your head or current hairstyle. In order to have that perfect fit at times it becomes essential to visit the saloon and take help of a professional wig fitter.
  • The people at the saloon are professionals and highly trained too. The will be able to modify the wig in a way that best suits your appearance. This may even involve cutting and coloring the wig at times.

How do I know which size to get?

All of us are born different with different height, weight, in fact different figure prints and we rarely even look alike. Thus it is needless to say that the size of our heads are also not same. How does a wig manufacturer deal with this? Luckily for them, they are able to generalize the size of our heads in to various sizes hence make wigs for several sizes. All you need to do is simply pick the best size for yourself. There is more information on this topic in the link below:

Which wig style suites by face shape?

The face of the shape has a great influence on the hair style of a person. The same applies for a wig. Hence wig companies usually make a wig available in several hair styles for the consumer to choose from. And at the end of the day it is up to the consumer to choose the wig with the right hair style. This is not always intuitive, hence you can read more information on this topic from the link provide below:

Wig wearing tips:

There are several videos uploaded on how to wear a wig daily though there many things that even the videos miss. Don’t be mistaken into believing that it is hard to wear wig. Wearing a wig is easy though it is better to have all the fact prior to setting out to wearing a wig. This is truer for a first time wig wearer. However if you do require more tips and tricks regarding this topic you can refer to the link below:

Consider a wig with a liner:

Many of the wigs sold contain a wig cap as well. A wig cap is essentially a wig liner. It is made from very soft material with the aim to cause the least possible irritation to the scalp. The wig cap thus protects the scalp and also help to keep the wig in place. However for those who do not have a wig liner included along with their wig, it can always be specially purchased.

Opt for a totally new look:

A new look can do well for some and may be the thing that others fear the most. In the sense, working professional is constantly worried about his image and makes every effort to find the perfect look. Once they do get that perfect look, they will never deviate from it. Thus for people wanting new look and those who want to look like they always do but have ruined their hair-do, choosing an appropriate wig is a very good option.

There are many color options available to at consumer and hence this is likely to confuse the user too. Thus you can read more on this topic from the link below:

Many different styles of Model Model wigs are available and in various colors too. Some of the colors that are available are 1,2, 1B

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are types of wigs? There are mainly three types and they are , Remy Hair wigs, Human Hair and Synthetic Hair.
  • What is the difference between synthetic and human wigs? The synthetic wigs are lighter and to not need to be reset or re-curled after washing them unlike the human hair wigs. The synthetic wigs are better with more brilliant colors and are fade resistant. Good thing about Human hair wigs is that they  are heat resistant and do not have an artificial shine like the synthetic ones.
  • What are Lace front Wigs?: Janet Collection Lace Front Wigs that have hand tied mesh fronts where the bangs are located. The lace is usually transparent and lays flat on the head and simulates a natural hairline. The hair is not very dense at the crown and often baby hair are tied to the edge to give a illusion that fine hair is growing at the hairline.

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