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Hair Extensions & Black Women– A comprehensive guide

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Hair extensions are nothing more than artificial hair integrations that add length to the human hair.

It is in fact the easiest method to increase the length of your hair in a quick and timely manner.

Hair extensions are referred in many different ways like hair integrations and hair weaves, etc.

It can be either real or synthetic hair extension and if designed correctly mixes in with the person’s real hair making it almost impossible to detect the difference.

Types and Styles of Hair Extensions:

The hair extensions are available in several colors, textures, length and style. This includes both, the human and synthetic hair extensions. The obvious difference being that the human hair extensions are more expensive and the synthetic extensions may not look as real as the human hair ones. Here is a brief look at the different types of hair extensions methods available:

  • Clip-on Extensions: Clip-on Extensions are the simplest form of hair extensions and rarely require the help of a profession to put in place. At the same time they do not tend to last very long.
  • Micro Links and Shrink Links: Another type of wig can be attached using metal rings or a keratin tubing. No adhesives or solvents of any kind are used however they do add an additional weight and can be hard to remove at times. Thus this is not recommended for fine hair.
  • Bonding:  This method usually does not last very long In this case it usually involves long wefts of hair like those up to 6 inches long. The way it works is that an adhesive is applied to the roots of the hair after which the extension is applied.
  • Fusing: As the name suggests it the fusing of the extensions in the real hair and makes use a special adhesive. It is often used to attach small pieces of hair. In addition to which hot fusion may also involve braiding the extension in the natural hair and bonding them by making use of wax adhesive.. There is also the cold fusion method, although that is not very common. The deal with fusing is that it takes several hours to apply and also an equal amount of time to remove. In addition to which it may also require professional help; although the experts can do it themselves at home.
  • Weaving:  The method of sewing the hair extension into the hair is called weaving. In this method the natural hair is braided tight and close the scalp in cornrows and this weft is sewn into the braid. This process also tends to take a long time since it involves braiding the person’s hair prior to attaching the extension. The major benefit of weaving is that it will last for a very long time but at the same time it can be very painful at times and expensive.

Hair Weaves and Hair Extensions for Black Women:

  • It is easy to associate hair extensions with black women since they have always been in the forefront of this trend. In fact some of the big names celebrities use them like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry to give themselves that extra length in a quick and simple method.
  • Black hair is very delicate and is prone to breakage, hence making use of chemical relaxers to straighten the hair can in fact lead to breakage and even damage the hair itself. 
  • When it comes to hair extensions, the Indian Remy hair extension is to be the best hair extension for Black women since it blends will with their existing natural hair texture.
  • Black people hair tends to be slightly more delicate than the others and thus is usually harder to apply the hair extension. Thus of the several methods available to attach the extension, weaving is the more popular one.
  • Weaving involves sewing the extension onto the natural braids. This makes possible to maintain the extensions for weeks at a stretch. At the same time there are several different types of hair extensions for black women. 
  • Another method that is popular when it comes to black people hair is the clip-on hair extension. Since these come prepared with metal clips you simply need to fasten them to attach them to your hair.
  • These are gentler and reduce the risk of damaging the hair too. In addition to which since this does not require the help of a professional. 
  • The other methods like the fusion method and the micro ring method are also very popular amongst black women but they are not some gentle.

More Curly weaves when it comes to Black Women:

  • The first weave was invented and patented in Ohio as recently as the 1950’s. Although the weave technique used these days is a greatly improved version of the original, it was invented to protect black women hair’s fragile strands from constant heat and chemicals.
  • The popularity of weaves continues to grow especially among black women. The immense popularity has led to more number of people believing in weaves, this even includes the sceptics. 
  • It is usually hard for black women to blend in a straight natural hair extension with their hair. Hence when it comes to black women the kinky curly hair texture is more popular. 

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